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What is Email Signature Marketing?

Lisa Holzhofer
01 January 2019

Email signature marketing is popular: More and more companies are using attention-grabbing banners in their email signatures to draw attention to their offerings. But what is email signature marketing and what exactly does it cover? You will find an answer to this question in this article.

You'll learn

  • What the term "email signature marketing" means exactly
  • Why email signature marketing is not a short-lived trend, but a support of your overall marketing strategy
  • What requirements must be met in order to use email signature marketing
  • Why target groups must also be taken into account in email signature marketing
  • Why the measurability of performance is essential for the success of your email signature campaign.

Basically, email signature marketing is based on a simple idea. In a company, numerous emails are sent to (potential) customers and partners every day. So why not include an eye-catching banner in the signature when the e-mails are read anyway and the recipients are very likely to see this banner?

It's all about a certain part of the email signature

Already the name gives a hint: Email signature marketing is the use of email signature to generate attention for all possible forms of a company's offer. These can of course be products, but also a variety of other things such as new blog posts, job offers or even announcements of trade fair participation.

  • The sender's personal information
  • Information about the company
  • Possibly a disclaimer
  • Marketing information

At least in terms of the name, it seems that only the fourth part, the marketing information, is decisive for email signature marketing. Finally it is this range, in which an attention-strong banner is merged, in order to make attentive on the marketing offer.In fact, however, this is not the case: the marketing information forms the basis for email signature marketing. However, the other components of the email signature and in particular its professional presentation are also of great importance for the signature marketing success. Because it would be beyond the scope to cover all aspects of email signature marketing at this point, this article focuses on the aspect of the advertising banner in the marketing information.Email signature marketing is suitable for B2B business as well as e-commerce and other forms of business.Accordingly, email signature marketing could be described as the provision of the email signature with marketing messages matching the recipient. The aim is to advertise marketing content in a relevant way, but what do you actually do with it?

No marketing trend, but support for all areas of marketing

The interesting thing about email signature marketing is that it's not just a trend - it's a specific aspect of marketing that you can use to support all other areas of your marketing. To see just how much email signature marketing can do for you, take a look at some examples:

  • Content Marketing: You can gain attention for your entire content marketing with an eye-catching banner. For example, you can advertise your new blog post, whitepaper or your new case study.
  • Splitting testing of advertisements: Ads are only effective if they are tested. However, testing is becoming more and more expensive because you have to place different ads. With your signature banner, you can test both ads and new products - at no additional cost per click.
  • Splitting testing of advertisements: Ads are only effective if they are tested. However, testing is becoming more and more expensive because you have to place different ads. With your signature banner, you can test both ads and new products - at no additional cost per click.
  • Recruitment: Email signature marketing can also support you in recruiting: An email can be forwarded quickly. So if you indicate vacancies in your email signature and your recipient may know someone who matches the vacancy, the route from your banner to your potential new employee is short.

But as you can see from these examples, email signature marketing is no substitute for other marketing measures or methods. Rather, email signature marketing supports these other measures and complements them sensibly. However, it is not enough to simply equip your emails with advertising banners. In order for you to really benefit from email signature marketing, a few other things need to be considered. If you want to know what they are, read on.

Email signature marketing is only effective if it meets certain requirements

Since email signature marketing is part of general marketing, it can only develop its supporting effect if the same standards are applied as for all other marketing measures. This includes, for example, the measurability of the results, but also a target-group-specific approach.What does target-group-specific addressing mean with regard to email signatures? Quite simply: One and the same signature should not simply be used across the board for all employees of the company. After all, your departments communicate with very different people.This not only applies to the advertising banner, but also to all other components of the email signature. However, we will deal with this in a special article.

As always it depends on the target group

For example, it will make little sense to include your current offers in the signatures of employees who are primarily concerned with your partner management. Instead, it would make sense for this group of employees to advertise content or materials that underline your company profile, e.g. a brand story or your new case study or your latest blog post.The situation is different in sales. Depending on the type of potential customer your sales department is dealing with, you could either advertise your products directly, or product stories, case studies or white papers.In short: Just as you probably won't show your advertisements to an arbitrary audience, but make sure that only those people see them who might be interested in your product. Just as you benefit from email signature marketing if you assign different email signatures to different departments. With only one banner for all employees in your company you will of course generate some impressions and clicks - but it is rather left to chance whether the banner will be seen by the people who should ideally see it.

The measurability of the results is also decisive

For every marketing - not only in online marketing - the following applies: The more measurable a marketing measure is, the better. Only if you can really understand exactly how much a marketing measure has brought you (of course best in cents and euros) will you know whether it is worthwhile to continue investing in this measure.The same applies to email signature marketing. You can only make full use of the supporting effect for marketing if you know how many impressions and clicks your marketing banners have received. And only then can you take countermeasures and replace ineffective banners with new ones that work better.If you want to use your email signature to test your content, products or services, this is even impossible without a measurability of the signature performance. After all, you can't use your email signature as a testing tool for content, products and services if you can't measure which banner is actually attracting attention or not.

For email signature marketing there are some obstacles

Even if email signature marketing is relatively easy to gain additional attention for marketing: There are a number of requirements to be met in order to use this marketing method effectively. And technology usually stands in the way of successful implementation.The email signature for all employees cannot be changed at the same time - it takes some time, but above all the decision to take care of the issue and invest time and resources in it. But this will is not always given outside of marketing.

explain email signature marketing

If it is not possible via IT - for whatever reason - marketing often only has the possibility to send the banners to the employees themselves and to hope that as many colleagues as possible will also respond to the call and exchange their banners. This costs your employees time again, you money and has little chance of success.Not a very convenient option, therefore, and especially in larger companies a Sisyphos work. Can you afford to constantly check whether the banners have been implemented correctly by all your colleagues for an e-mail signature campaign alone?

Now you can also use the full marketing potential of your email signature - without the help of IT.

We at Mailtastic know all these problems that email signature marketing brings with it and have developed a solution based on our own experience in companies that can also help you not to have to do without email signature marketing - even if the hurdles in your company for it are high.With Mailtastic you can centrally assign and exchange signature banners to all persons in your company. And the performance of the banners can also be tracked transparently in clicks and impressions from the same location. Try it out for free and see for yourself how easy it is to implement e-mail signature marketing in your company!

Conclusion: What is Email Signature Marketing?

So what is email signature marketing? A type of performance marketing in which you receive impressions and clicks through a professional display of the signature and attention-grabbing banners in the signatures of your employees, thus attracting attention to your marketing. It is therefore an instrument with which you can achieve additional attention and support for every area of your marketing and for every form of marketing.That's why email signature marketing can be used in all areas of your marketing. A prerequisite for the effective use of this channel, however, is the measurability of your results. With Mailtastic you can quickly and easily implement email signature marketing without the help of IT. 

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