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2020 was wild. And with pretty much every prediction for the year now fossilised, we thought it was time to hit reset. So we asked Turtl’s Head of Marketing, Karla Rivershaw, about the content marketi[...]

For the fresh-faced content marketer, lead generation feels like sorcery. How can that blog you wrote in a caffeine-induced haze ever become actionable content? And why isn’t every other content creat[...]

We are starting to emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, but it is into a different world. How can we still generate leads and build our brands in this new environment? Let’s find out more.

The discipline of content marketing has so far been known primarily from the B2C area, B2B companies usually find it more difficult to do so. Here, the focus is often on existing customer business or [...]

Digitalization has changed B2B marketing from the ground up. B2B marketers, in particular, have to deal with customers who are Internet-savvy, strongly networked and therefore well informed. Companies[...]