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We are starting to emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, but it is into a different world. How can we still generate leads and build our brands in this [...] Read More

A quick note to start: For all our customers everything remains the same, but better! But more about that later ... Read More


The current crisis situation poses challenges for companies like never before. Marketers, also, are currently having to find new ways to continue their business in this situation. Here, the disappeara[...] Read More

In 2020, things happen that have never happened before on this scale in our time. We are all affected to different degrees. The B2B industry thrives on meetings at trade fairs, events and conferences.[...] Read More

Background For a while now, illustrations in various styles have been appearing more and more frequently on many websites. We took our new corporate design as an opportunity to focus on the topic "Ill[...] Read More

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Our Managing Director Tao Bauer was interviewed by Sascha Falk in the CENTEVO podcast. The advertising potential of email signatures is recognised by more and more companies. Due to the high number of[...]


Nowadays, customers act very independently in the B2B and B2C sectors. They inform themselves before a purchase and make decisions for a certain supplier on the basis of the found information. In the [...]


Develop, adapt or die.These expressions sound beautiful and are really meaningful.But they mean one and the same thing: you always have to be innovative and adopt the latest technologies if you want t[...]