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Team-Introduction: Viviane

Viviane Kurpiers a.k.a. Vivi a.k.a. Merle a.k.a. Agent Spätzle works in the marketing department of Mailtastic. Due to her Bachelor degree in "Media Management" she has the ideal qualifications to support us in all areas, online and offline.

What is your role at Mailtastic?

Vivi: Since February 2019, I am part of the Mailtastic marketing team. The topics I deal with are varied and new exciting tasks are constantly being added. Whether social media, newsletter or event marketing or the graphic implementation of new marketing campaigns, there is a bit of everything.

What makes Mailtastic special?

Why Mailtastic is special to me is the mix of an innovative and exciting implementation of marketing for companies, paired with a unique employee climate that makes me come into the office with a smile every day.

What does Mailtastic mean for digital marketing?

Mailtastic provides the optimal solution for companies who have recognized the potential to use their email signatures as a marketing channel. Because the topic of email is omnipresent in almost all companies, I see Mailtastic as a product of the present and future of digital marketing.

What is the best thing about the Mailtastic team?

The Mailtastic Team is truly unique. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and it is great fun to tackle new tasks together and to implement them successfully. Nevertheless, the one or the other fun or nickname should not be missing in between, that everyone just gets closer together. Due to the active creativity of my colleagues I am now called Merle.

What does your desk look like?

On my desk it looks very tidy except for my notes. On no account should my desk be without a cup of tea, which I drink here in gallons, because the tea selection in the office is really impressive. Moreover, I still have two decorative artificial plants on my desk, as my green fingers are unfortunately not available.

What was your best moment at Mailtastic?

My best moment at Mailtastic (there were a lot of them) was this year's Christmas party. We started together in the office and everyone wore an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Theteam photos​​​ became really legendary. Also because of the common dinner and visiting an Escape Room with the team it turned out to be a perfect evening.

Dirk Althaus Mailtastic

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