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The proven method for calculating email signature marketing ROI

So, you've heard about email signature marketing.

But with your tech stack bloating like Bruce Bogtrotter at Miss Trunchbull's Table of Shame, you're wondering whether the results it can bring are worth your investment. 

Fear not: 

We're here to help you decide, one way or the other. See our example calculation below, then use our ROI calculator to work out the specifics for your business:

How much could email signature marketing be worth to your business?

On average, people send 34 emails per day.

An email sent to a known contact gets 2.5 opens per email on average.

As the B2B email marketing stats tell you, that’s miles above the average of 0.29 opens per email across industries.

So let’s take these figures and apply them to big business, say with 100 employees...

There are 250 working days per year. So 100 x 34 x 250 = 850,000 emails per year.

850,000 emails multiplied by an open rate of 2.5 is 2,125,000 impressions.

With a modest CTR of 1%, that’s 21,250 clicks.


And with a typical B2B cost per click (CPC) of £3 in Google Ads, that's £63,570-worth of marketing value. 



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