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Dynamic email signature campaigns with Pardot & Mailtastic

Want to increase your reach and conversions from your marketing campaigns? Start using email signatures as an automated marketing channel.

Mailtastic's Pardot integration lets you send targeted signature banner campaigns to your Pardot lead lists using automated workflows. 

Dynamic banner delivery with Mailtastic and Pardot

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Send personalised content to increase engagement

With Mailtastic and Pardot you can send personalised content that is tailored to your recipient's interests, buying stages or industry.

Control which signature campaigns are sent to which contact lists in your Pardot system and watch your engagement rates soar. 

Automate email signature campaigns

Our Pardot integration allows you to track the engagement with your email signature campaigns. Use those signals to trigger new workflows in Pardot.

For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically enrol a prospect in a new workflow which contains new content in case they don't interact with your previous email signature banner. 

Automated email workflows with Mailtastic and Pardot.

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