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CC-ing email signature marketing rebels

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Dreamed of working with email signatures as a kid?

Us neither.

But email is a big deal. And we’re here to put it on turbo charge.


Reckon you could help us out?

Then see if any of the roles below fit the bill. 

Open roles

Drive our success story forward

Nothing tickling your fancy?

Then give us a shout

Send us a few lines about you with your CV and we’ll see where we can slot you in. 👇🏼

Our values

The things our team share.


Bring something new to the party

We like different perspectives and ways of doing things. If it gets the job done and helps us and our customers grow, we’re in.


Help solve problems

We’re not perfect. If you spot errors, point them out and help us fix them.


Stay positive

We don’t believe in cliche mottos. But we do believe that positive people are extra important.


Be better

Our DNA is progress. We strive to evolve as a company, as a team and as individuals.


People first

We make software. But we work for people.


Be an email signature fanatic

Learn to love the trusty email signature. They ain’t going anywhere.

Life at Mailtastic

We’re backing you

We hire you because we believe you can do a job for us. That’s why we encourage you to put your spin on things and own it.

Personal development plans

Chart out your career ambitions & complete tasks that help get you there.  

Live in Mainz, Manchester & more

Want to live in a city starting with “M”? We’re your guys.

Team socials

We’re not afraid of the occasional premium lager. Or cranberry juice.

Eat for free...

...One morning a week for team breakfasts. We had you there, didn’t we?

Flexi time

We’re certified vampire friendly.

Learn on the job

Soak up your teammates' knowledge & become a better marketer.

Casual dresscode

But please no mankinis.

Open doors

If you have a problem, we’ll help you sort it.


One team, one dream

Like what you see. Then you know what to do 👇🏼

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