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The business world runs on email

Turn email signatures into free ad space

The #1 email signature marketing platform for agencies


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Embed yourself deeply into your client’s day to day


Increase Revenue

Add immediate and recurring revenue channels


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Mailtastic Agency Partner Program 

The Mailtastic Agency Partner Program is built for agencies to become masters at utilizing and monetizing our email signature marketing platform. Our featured benefits include:

  • Account Management
  • Custom Training
  • Partner Dashboard 
  • Leads from our marketplace
  • Product discounts

ABM powered by advanced targeting ⚡️

Your prospects expect tailored experiences. Use email signature automation to serve up snappy messaging and bespoke content. Then watch engagement soar.

Turn your customer segments, lead lists, and user groups into Mailtastic target groups and crush yesterday’s engagement rates.


A marketer's best kept secret:

"After a very short time, we were able to see a huge ROI and Mailtastic has been delivering better results than traditional email marketing."

Lars Bühler,  Marketing Leader

"With Mailtastic, Cognism increased its conversions by 25% and generated 100s of new leads."

Alice de Courcey,  Chief Marketing Officer

"90% of our traffic to the new portal came from campaign banners featured in our employee's signatures - deployed via the Mailtastic solution."

Robin Igramhan,  Online Marketing Specialist

Turn email signatures into ROI bankers for you and your clients