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No-stress email signature management

See Mailtastic in action

Tick every brand box.

Updating email signature contact info... Checking legal disclaimers... Frustrating, right?

That’s why we made it super easy to keep every email signature up-to-date and compliant. No matter how big your business is.


Integrated with the tools you already use.

  • Gmail, Outlook, iOS & Android integrations
  • ActiveDirectory, CRM, Office 365 & G Suite integrations
  • Optimal display on all devices

Technical info and integrations


Put signature management on cruise control.

  • Central control of email signatures
  • Hassle-free signature localisation for different offices & departments
  • Automated brand standards and legal requirements

Options for everyone

Big corporates

Lock down your brand.

Put your marketing team in charge of every employee email signature and get total brand consistency. All while creating custom ad campaigns for different roles & locations. 

Freelancers & SMEs

Cure your email signature headaches.

With Mailtastic, the power is in your hands. Get in-built compliance and central control of every email signature with Mailtastic. 

“Different research groups, different departments, several signatures per employee, the roles overlap. For us, Mailtastic has made the central signature management of a complex organization very simple.”

Sibylle Scheibner
Public Relations, PTW TU Darmstadt

Other cool stuff


Scalable & easy to maintain


Seamless sync with existing data sources


Integration friendly


Real-time updates & in-built compliance

Sort out every department's email signatures



Email signatures are free ad space. And employees send thousands of them every day. With Mailtastic, you can unlock this channel, using campaign banners to shout about content, deals & more. Measure impressions vs click-through rate (CTR) to review the success of your campaigns and switch them up at the click of a finger.



Unshackle your IT team by taking email signatures off their workload. With Mailtastic, Marketing and HR can handle our low maintenance, low stress platform. And our team is happy to help out with any technical problems.



Use employee email signatures as ad space and open up a whole new revenue stream. Then measure the impact of banner campaigns to show ROI. 

Unleash the power of email.

Turn every message you send into a traffic generation tool.

Use our signature marketing suite to draw your target groups' attention to new offers, events and other content with signature banners.

Use our marketing dashboard to tailor campaigns by audience group and serve up relevant content that hits the spot every time.

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Take the pain out of email signature management.

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