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Your search is over: Number 1 email signature platform for Microsoft 365

For anyone who wants to gain better control over their company’s email signatures.

Email signatures are always up-to-date

Integrate signature management with your Microsoft 365 data infrastructure and keep signatures timely.

Unrestricted admin access

Delegate tasks to individual users and departments without compromising on security and compliance.

Get a handle on your brand

Using your Azure AD, Mailtastic maps email signatures to different locations, sub-brands and languages.

Easy signature management for Microsoft 365

Trusted by leading companies around the world

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End-to-end email signature management for Office 365

We went through email signature struggles, so you don’t have to.

Seamless User Import

Fully automated, or manual? With our integration, you can choose which process you prefer.

Our user import process from Microsoft 365 to Mailtastic is one of the most advanced ones you’ll find and we offer a number of features such as:

  • Step by Step roll out
  • Rule based signature assignment
  • Collection of missing email signature data
Import user data for signatures from Microsoft 365 to Mailtastic
Server-side integration of Mailtastic email signatures via Exchange Online

Seamless Email Signature integration


  1. Emails sent by employees are routed to your Exchange Online.
  2. Exchange Online routes emails to our European Azure servers hosted within the Microsoft 365 Data Center.
  3. We add the correct employee email signature before the email is delivered via Exchange Online.


1. Install Mailtastic’s EasySync desktop app. This ensures every team member has access to the latest signature.

2. Give your team access to several signatures if needed.

3. Your team sees the signature they’re using before hitting send.

Client-side integration of Mailtastic email signatures via EasySync
Combined server-side and client-side integration of Mailtastic email signatures


  1. Combine server and client-side integration to give your team freedom. They can either choose different signatures or set to default via EasySync.
  2. Your team's emails are forwarded to Exchange Online. Then they’re routed from European Azure servers, which are hosted within the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center.
  3. We add the email signature to your team’s email before it reaches the recipient.

Quick-fire Mailtastic x Microsoft 365 benefits

Straight off the mark

Set up Mailtastic x Microsoft 365 integration in a few clicks

Fully automated signatures

New Microsoft 365 users automatically receive the appropriate email signatures

No fuss

Microsoft 365 user data generates email signatures

GDPR compliant

Microsoft 365 users always comply with data rules and regs

Different signatures for different departments

Cater to segmented audiences with tailored  signatures

Multi signatures

Allow team members to choose the best signature for the context of their email

Clean display

Keep signatures on point in every email programme (coming soon: add signatures to messages sent from any mobile device)

Seamless integration

Secure and automated data integration between your Microsoft 365 account and Mailtastic

Signature previews

Your team has visibility on the signature they’re sending

Ready to give it a try?