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29 strategies that make marketing predictable (from B2B gurus)

Marketing predictably is tough at the best of times. So marketing predictably during a global pandemic is a pipe dream, right? Wrong-o. 👇

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Predictabe marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation_BANNERS-1

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation (for every content marketer)

Good content marketing is a fine art. And we're here to help you master it! Whether you're at the beginning of your journey as a content marketer or a wily old fox, our complete guide to creating content for lead generation is for you. 

Landing Page Header - eBook is dead 2

The eBook is Dead

We kick off our series of live fireside discussions with our first marketing rebel, Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs. Cognism CMO, Alice de Courcy, quizzes him on his opposition to the eBook & the things he does differently to avoid getting stuck in the performance marketing lead generation hamster wheel.

Landing Page Header - Why Growth Marketing is BS

Why Growth Hacking is BS

In this episode, we debunk growth hacking myths and discuss the unique approach Userpilot's Head of Growth, Aazar Ali Shad, takes to growth marketing. We also dig into why no single hack or experiment will be your silver bullet to short term success and how you can truly start to innovate.

Content Markaeting LP Header

Content marketing: don’t fix what isn’t broken, just do it better

Alice speaks with Juro's Director of Content, Tom Bangay, about producing content that actually works for you and your audience. That means creating valuable and measurable pieces. And not doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

Landing Page Header - Actual Real Life Marketing

Actual, real life, agile marketing. How to generate 11,000 leads in 6 months

Alice speaks to Leadfeeder CMO, Andy Culligan, about how he put agile marketing tactics into practice at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how he drove record growth for Leadfeeder, including generating 11,000 new leads the past six months & much more.

Stop Gating Content - LP Header

Stop gating content, it doesn’t work

In episode five, Alice and Turtl's Head of Marketing, Karla Rivershaw, take a deep dive into audience-led content creation and address how we should be publishing and sharing B2B content. Digital experiences have never been more important, with audience interaction key. So is it time to kill the PDF? 


10 steps to a professional signature banner

Use this eBook to learn how you can use email signature banners to increase your reach, drive conversions & much more. Including successful Mailtastic customer campaigns. 

Join the marketing rebellion 

Learn how to supercharge your email signatures by taking Mailtastic for a spin. 

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