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Connect Mailtastic to HubSpot and send highly targeted content with every single email

The Mailtastic HubSpot integration gives marketers the ability to personalise their email communications by turning their employee emails into targeted marketing campaigns.

Seamlessly connect Mailtastic to your active and static HubSpot lists, landing pages, or automate entire workflows based on your customers' interactions.

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Targeted content with every email you send

Marketers know that being hyper relevant is key to successful marketing. Take advantage of the information you already collect in HubSpot and create contact lists, segmented by: personas, industries, locations, sales cycle, etc.

With the Mailtastic integration, you can connect your lists to your Mailtastic campaigns and ensure that every email contains the most relevant content for your contacts.

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Automate workflows based on customer engagement

Mailtastic fits seamlessly into your overall marketing programme. For example, use Mailtastic clicks to start specific HubSpot workflows or move contacts to the next step in a workflow. Think about your marketing content, for example, maybe you're running a Mailtastic campaign that promotes your latest case study.

Set up a workflow that automatically sends a notification to your sales colleagues as soon as a prospect downloads the case study. For the contacts who do not respond to the content, you can automatically launch a new lead nurturing workflow.

Performance insights along the customer journey

Gain insights into the performance of your Mailtastic campaigns to prove ROI and optimise future campaigns. By linking your Mailtastic signature campaigns to your HubSpot landing pages, you can see exactly how many views, downloads, contacts and customers you won from your Mailtastic campaigns.

At the same time you gain valuable insights into the interests of your target group. What do your contacts engage with? What content do they click on? Those insights are invaluable for both your sales and marketing team.

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