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ISO 27001 Certified 

We meet the highest security standards.

Mailtastic is officially ISO 27001 certified and meets the highest internationally recognised security standards.

The certification confirms that data security is one of the highest priorities for Mailtastic.

Mailtastic ISO Certification logo

Fully GDPR compliant

Highest security for your data.

We protect your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure that your data is stored in accordance with data protection regulations.


Encrypted communication

Your privacy is water tight.

Conversations between your browser and Mailtastic are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol and SSL certificates. That means your data keeps its integrity.


Microsoft Azure data storage

You can count on our super-secure servers.

We store your data on Microsoft Azure secure servers. And then we back everything up in another physical European location at the end of every day, in line with the EU Data Protection Directive.

We also use Microsoft Azure's Web Services for our cloud infrastructure, which auto-scales & auto-recovers from region outage.

“We are certified according to ISO 27001 and attach great importance to high security standards. Mailtastic as a German, GDPR-compliant provider is therefore the best solution for us.”

Georg Bergjohann
Head of Marketing and Communications, STF Group GmbH

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