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How to add a poll or survey to your email signature

Polls are everywhere. 

They’ve become a part of our personal and professional lives. 

For example, you might’ve filled out a LinkedIn poll and an Instagram poll on the same day. 

Since they’re popular, why not include them on your email signature

Want to find out more? Then read this guide. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about adding a survey or poll on your email signature.


What are the benefits of adding polls or surveys to email signatures?

We get it. 

When you first think about email signatures, adding a poll or survey doesn’t immediately spring to mind. 

But they are important, and here’s why 👇

They're interactive 👍

Let’s be real. 

The worst part of any work routine is sifting through emails. 

And this process tends to be dull and boring, because a lot of the time, zero effort has gone into them.  

But then, you come across 1 email that’s turned your day around. 

Low and behold…

It’s an email signature with a poll or survey attached to it! 

Finally! You’ve come across an email that’s engaging, and asks for more than a reply or a forward. 

It’s a great feeling. So return the favour for your recipients. 

Give them something a little extra that’ll grab their attention. 

Get their input, and add value to your emails. 

They're personal 👤

Sometimes, it’s hard to appear friendly over email comms. 

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve sent emails we regret because the tone wasn’t right.

This often happens because emails are impersonal. 

That’s where the magic of poll email signatures comes in. 

You’re adding a feature to your emails where you can connect with your recipients, on a deeper level. 

And your recipients will feel valued, because you’ve asked for their opinion on something. 

They're great for marketing 🏆

Yes - it’s true. 

Poll email signatures can be great marketing tools

Because they’re the best way to start conversations with your future customers. 

You’re adding value to your emails, asking for recipients to give their opinion on something. 

Here’s an example:

Let's say you’re running an email nurture campaign. And in the first email you’ve sent out an important piece of content, like an eBook. 

Your next email could have a signature with a poll, asking for recipients’ opinions on the content. 

That’s why email signatures are useful. They’re a fab way to get feedback and gather market research fast

And who knows? It could just be the feature that helps your customers through the funnel. 

The bottom line is this: 

Never underestimate the power of poll email signatures for your marketing team.

How can I add a poll or survey to my email signature?

By now, you’ve got a solid idea of why polls and surveys are important for your email signature. 

Your next question is:

What’s the best way for me to add a poll or survey to my email signature? 

In our opinion, you should link the poll as a call-to-action on your email signature

While you could attach the poll directly, your email signature might look cluttered or cramped as a result. 

Linking the poll in a CTA will give your email signature a cleaner, more professional look. 

There’s more on all this below👇

Create and link a poll using a call-to-action (CTA) ⏭️

You might’ve never heard of CTAs before. 

So before we go any further, here’s a quick definition:

CTAs are a series of clickable icons, buttons, and banners that direct recipients to take the next step in their customer journey. For example, you might have a CTA that reads: “Download eBook now”. 

When they’re designed well, there’s no way recipients will overlook the CTAs on your email signature. And that’s why they’re helpful for surveys and polls.  

Make sure the phrasing of the CTA is simple. 

The last thing you want is for recipients to lose interest because the content of your CTA isn’t clear. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Vote on our latest poll
  • Content survey
  • What do you think of “xyz”? Vote here

Poll email signature key takeaways

Who knew there was so much to cover on poll and survey email signatures? 

Let’s recap:

There’s no escape from polls! Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Instagram, or via email, we’re always filling out a poll or survey. And because they’re popular, they belong on your email signature. 

Poll email signatures are great, because they’re interactive, personal, and useful for marketers. 

Finally, the best way to add a poll or survey to your email signature is through a CTA. 

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve got everything you need to create a killer poll email signature of your own. 


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