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The business world runs on email

So turn your email signatures into free ad space

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Reach your audience

Your buyers spend over six hours a day in their email inboxes. So why not take your ads to them? Right where your competitors can’t go.

With email signature marketing, you can get relevant content, events, offers & more in front of your audience. All directly in their inbox.

It’s a no brainer, right?

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Add more value

293 billion emails are sent every day. And with Mailtastic, you can make every single one count.

Target different audiences with personalised messages. Push bespoke content to leads in the funnel. Turn paying customers into raving fans.

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No-one wants to see what your logo looked like in 1998. So keep everyone up to date and compliant on Outlook, Gmail & more.

With Mailtastic, the power is in your hands. In-built compliance and central control of your email signatures mean you’ll never need to sweat over signatures again.

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Powered by effortless integrations

Keep the tools you use every day

  • Gmail, Outlook, iOS & Android integrations
  • ActiveDirectory, CRM, Office 365 & G Suite integrations
  • Optimal display on all devices

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Safe and secure

We've got you covered.

Your data is yours and yours alone. That's why Mailtastic is powered by Microsoft Azure's encrypted data transfer. And totally GDPR compliant.


A marketer's best kept secret:

"After a very short time, we were able to see a huge ROI and Mailtastic has been delivering better results than traditional email marketing."

Lars Bühler,  Marketing Leader

"With Mailtastic, Cognism increased its conversions by 25% and generated 100s of new leads."

Alice de Courcey,  Chief Marketing Officer

The lowdown on email signature marketing



Shout about your latest webinar, content or offer(s).



Target specific groups with personalised signature banners.


Cost effective

Wave goodbye to ad competition and keyword price hikes.



Monitor banner click-through rates, uplift conversions and generate extra revenue.

Turn email signatures into ROI bankers

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