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Supercharge your email signatures

Mailtastic Target - next level marketing for email signature pros

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World-beating ABM.

The right content, for the right accounts, at the right time.

ABM is all about being where your audience hangs out.

And by bringing 1:1 emails into your marketing mix, you can take your ABM campaigns into a different ballpark.

From outbound emails to demo recaps and contract renewals, Mailtastic can help you spear-fish target accounts across the full buyer’s journey.


Souped-up personalisation.

Power up your account-based targeting with hyper personalisation.

Transform your customer segments, lead lists, user groups & more into Mailtastic target groups.

Get the inside scoop with all the relevant information you need to serve them better content.

Insider knowledge.

Notifications in real time

  • Marketing: Create rule-based notifications to give your team with relevant contact intelligence.
  • Sales: Be informed about your prospects' engagement and identify suitable opportunities to do more business.
  • Account-Management: Monitor the behaviour and interests of your key accounts.

More revenue opportunities.

Identify new sales opps with lead detection

Get eyes on all the leads engaging with your company right now. Lead recognition will give you the visibility and intel you need to manage leads into target groups with ease.

Supporting your sales team has never been easier.