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Tracking Policy


Mailtastic provides a technology platform to help businesses (“Client(s)”) conduct email signature marketing to make a great impression with a professional signature and increase brand awareness with personalised campaign banners.

Mailtastic enables businesses to centrally manage their staff’s email signatures and extend them with creative marketing banners to transform their daily email traffic into a powerful marketing channel.

This tracking policy explains how Mailtastic’s domain tracking functionality works and the purpose of it.

Please note that Mailtastic is a service provider and strictly accesses data from email signatures on behalf of its client. The manner in which Mailtastic is instructed to process data by its clients varies from client to client. Some clients may not ask us to do any tracking at all. As such, if you have any questions regarding tracking or data use through Mailtastic email signatures, please reach out to the company that sent you the email which included the Mailtastic signature.



Through the domain tracking functionality, Mailtastic gives its Clients the option to:

  • measure the success of each email signature campaign by means of clicks, impressions and click-rate; and/or
  • personalise the email banner based on the intended email recipient.

Mailtastic’s domain tracking is enabled by tags in the Mailtastic email signature which let Mailtastic’s Clients know whether the email signature has been viewed or clicked on by the email recipient by accessing information in such tags. The tag also records a campaign group and ID of the sender of the email.

On its Mailtastic account the Client then sees whether the signature has been viewed or clicked on by the email recipient. Depending on the Client’s account setting, this information may be aggregated by campaign or email domain (i.e. or it may be shown on a per-recipient basis.

Mailtastic does not make independent use of this domain tracking information, it is a tool to assist the Client’s outreach. Furthermore, Mailtastic does not share this information with anyone except for the particular Client.

The tag will remain in the email signature indefinitely and track your interaction with the signature. As set out below, you can opt-out of domain tracking at any time and ask us to disable the domain tracking functionality with respect to your email address.  



If you would like to opt-out your email address of Mailtastic domain tracking, please complete this form. Your request will be processed in the shortest time possible to disable the domain tracking functionality with respect to your email address. Completing this form, does not mean you won’t be sent any email marketing.