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How to create, add & change your Gmail signature

Greig Robertson
27 August 2020

Email signatures are boring as hell. We get it. You just want them to work and forget they exist.  So we created an end-to-end email signature guide so you can do just that.

In this blog...

  • Learn how to create Gmail signatures.
  • Learn how to add Gmail signatures to messages. 
  • Learn how to switch-up Gmail signatures depending on your mood.

How to create a Gmail signature

Gmail signature

1) On your main Gmail screen, hit the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. Make sure you click ‘See all settings’.

Gmail signature

2) Scroll down to the ‘Signature’ section.

Gmail signature

3) Click ‘Create new’.

Gmail signature

4) Name your new signature and click ‘Create’.

Gmail signature

5) Back on the settings screen, compose your signature. It doesn’t have to be text only. Then click on the mountains icon to add a Gmail signature image.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Google professional Gmail signature examples.  


You can also choose whether to include your signature on new emails only, as well as replies and forwarded messages.

Gmail signature

6) Scroll to the bottom the screen and click ‘Save Changes’.

Gmail signature

7) Now try it out. Click to compose a message - et voila, you’ll see your brand new Gmail signature waiting for you!

How to add your Gmail signature to a message

If you don’t want your Gmail signature to appear on every new email by default, here’s how to manually add your signature to a message.

Gmail signature

1) After you've finished your message, click on the pen icon on the right of the bottom toolbar.

Gmail signature

2) Click on the name of the signature you created earlier.

Gmail signature

3) And you’re good to go!

How to change your Gmail signature

Don’t worry if you suddenly decide you don’t like your signature anymore. They’re super easy to change. In this Gmail signature example, we’ve decided we want to add a phone number.

Gmail signature

1) Go back to the ‘All Settings’ screen you visited when you created your signature. Scroll down to the ‘Signature’ section. 

Gmail signature

2) In the signature box, change your signature in any way you choose. In this example, we’re adding a phone number.

Gmail signature

3) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Save changes’.

Gmail signature

4) Next time you go to compose an email, your new Gmail signature will appear. 

Want to upgrade your email signature management?

How to add a signature in Outlook

Now you know how to create, add and change your Gmail signature, you just took your email game to the next level. Congrats!

But why not go one step further? Take all of the stress out email signature management with Mailtastic. We let you you:

  • Manage your brand by keeping every signature up-to-date and compliant
  • Personalise signatures with headshots, icons and colours
  • Serve up relevant content and offers in email banner campaigns

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