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A blogger's guide to professional email signatures

Looking to give your blogger email signature an upgrade? This guide is your ultimate toolkit. Keep reading to find out how to use a blogger email signature to create traffic. 👇

Promotion, traffic, and conversions. 

As a blogger, these are terms you frequently come across. 

You’re always thinking about how you can market yourself and stand out from others. You want to direct people to your content, leave a lasting impression, and get them to take an action. 

All of this is easier said than done. But a tiny change to your email signature can help you out. 

In this guide, we’ll help you create an email signature that helps you achieve your professional goals. 

We’ll share with you:

  1. Why you need an email signature
  2. What to include in a blogger email signature
  3. How you can maximise the marketing potential of your email signature


What are the benefits of blogger email signatures?

By 2022, it’s expected that over 4.2 billion people will use email. 

That’s why having an email signature as a blogger is a great opportunity. With an email signature, you can include CTAs, directing recipients to take the next step in their journey. 

Here’s how it could work for you: 

A demonstration of how email recipients can turn into customers

So it’s clear that by putting more  time and effort into your email signature, you can not only  generate quality traffic, but also more business.

Here are 2 more reasons why you should have an email signature as a blogger.

It's professional 👩‍⚖️

Professionalism is key in every role. That’s why having an email signature is crucial. You’ll appear credible and knowledgeable, so you’ll increase your chances of recipients clicking through to your blog.  

It's personal 👤

Have you ever come across a blog and felt that the writing is a little impersonal? It’s common, because readers can’t picture the individual behind the post that’s been written. 

If you’ve got an email signature, and you include something like a photograph, recipients can put a face to a name. 

What should I include in a blogger's email signature?

So you’re ready to create a professional email signature. But it’s important to not follow generic advice. Everything that you end up including on the email signature should be relevant to your needs as a blogger. We’ve put together a list of some email signature essentials: 

Include basic information 📞

Every good email signature will have 3 pieces of simple, but important information: 

Basic components of an email signature

Before you think about anything else, cover this first. 

Have a professional photograph 📷

Readers connect to what individuals have to say. Not businesses. That’s why a professional photograph is crucial. It’ll add a personal touch to your email signature, and overall brand.

Ensure that the photo: 

Factors that make a photograph professional

State the type of blogger you are 👩‍💻

A great email signature will be as informative as possible. 

So it’s important to cover these points:

Information bloggers should add to their email signature


This will help you market your services to the people who need them most.  

Include relevant CTAs ⏭️

Email signature CTAs are only effective if you choose them strategically. 

Here are some that could work for you. Just remember not to include more than 2! 👇

Clickable icon linking to your portfolio (relevant for job search) 💼

If you’re a freelance writer, your email signature is a great way to be seen by potential employers looking to hire someone for a project. 

Use a clickable icon and link to a portfolio of your best work, so prospects know what to expect from your work.

Clickable icon linking to latest piece of content 💻

You're constantly publishing new pieces of content. That’s why it’s important to let recipients know about the ones they need to read. 

Say you've worked on a comprehensive, value-adding white paper. Link it as a CTA in your email signature.

Clickable social media icons 📱

If you’re looking to direct traffic to other forms of content in addition to your blog or site, then social media icons are your secret weapon. Just make sure the content is appropriate. 

Also remember that the social media platforms have to be regularly updated. So if you’ve not updated your Twitter feed in the past few years, steer clear from linking it on your email signature. 

Clickable "For press enquiries" email address 🗞️

If you focus on topics like product or brand reviews, then chances are you're working with big companies. 

To make it as easy as possible for them to contact you, include a clickable piece of text that reads “For press or other enquiries, send an email to…” 

That way, recipients can instantly engage with you, and email the relevant contact.

Clickable newsletter icon 📰

You want to keep people engaged and informed with your content. That’s why a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter is important. 

You can direct recipients to subscribe and be in the loop whenever you’re posting a new piece of content. 

You can also use it as an opportunity to do a round-up of the content you’ve posted, in case recipients missed something. 

Have a CTA newsletter icon or banner that states: “Subscribe to the newsletter” or “Check out the blog newsletter”. 


What are the best practices for blogger email signatures?

Keep the design simple ✏️

It’s always a good idea to stick to one colour and one font so the information on your email signature isn’t distracting or illegible. 

We’re not saying to avoid being creative with it, because that’s what adds personality to your email signature.

But make sure not to go overboard, because the email signature ultimately has a purpose to serve, whether it’s for professional, marketing or personal reasons. 

Think about a slogan 🗣️

If you’re regularly writing about a certain topic or topics, think about crafting a slogan around it. 

For example, you could be a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger. If that’s the case, you could say something like: “Writing about the latest in lifestyle, beauty and fashion”. Or if you prefer something simpler: “Lifestyle. Beauty. Fashion”. 

It’s the easiest way to tell recipients exactly what kind of blogger you are, and where your interests lie. The sooner you let recipients know, the better your traffic will be. 

Blogger email signature key takeaways

You might already be promoting yourself as a blogger. But your email signature is the final piece of the puzzle. It’s a great space where all your advertising or marketing efforts can come together. 

It’s also important to have an email signature as a blogger, because it’s personal and professional

A blogger’s professional email signature will include: 

  • Basic information
  • A professional photograph or image that showcases or supports the branding of your blog. 
  • Relevant CTAs. 

When creating your email signature, think about the design or layout, and a slogan to promote your blog.

And there you go! That's everything you need to make a blogger email signature.  💪


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