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Mailtastic officially launches its Marketo integration

Mailtastic now officially integrates with Marketo. Marketo users can utilise the information from lead and contact lists to create automated email banner campaigns with Mailtastic.

“Customers are at the heart of everything we do – so their feedback is an important part of our product development. Many of our customers are also Marketo users and having this integration will allow them to extend their marketing campaigns to additional channels,” emphasizes Peer Wierzbitzki, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Mailtastic. “We are very excited to have a native integration with one of the most important marketing automation platforms on the market. Our customers now have the ability to use all of their valuable data points and insights from Marketo to automate signature campaigns.”

The Mailtastic Marketo integration gives marketers the ability to personalise their email communications and improve the customer experience by turning their employee emails into targeted marketing campaigns. 

Customers can be segmented in Marketo based on real-time user behaviour for example. Marketers can then adapt email banners to the customer journey using an automated workflow. The result: Recipients receive relevant content, at the right time.

The performance of email signature campaigns can also be tracked in the Mailtastic dashboard. You get more valuable insights into the interests of your target audience. Based on your performance metrics, you can quickly see what's working and what’s not, which allows you to optimise active campaigns and increase conversion rates even further.


About Mailtastic:

Mailtastic is a B2B email signature marketing platform to centrally manage your employees' email signatures and enhance them with marketing banners. Thus, marketers transform their daily email traffic into a powerful marketing channel.

About Marketo: 

Marketo is the world's largest marketing automation platform, combining the power of content, lead development and account-based marketing. It enables customers to be targeted in a personalized and automated way via their own website as well as email, display, mobile and social channels.

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