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How TELE Haase manages their signatures and uses campaign banners - without any IT involvement

Industry: Electrical Engineering
Company size: 100+ employees
Mail Client:
Mailtastic Plan:
Email Signature Marketing

TELE Haase, an expert in monitoring, control, and automation technology, utilises Mailtastic's email signatures to:

  • Create company-wide consistent signatures and add information such as social media links.
  • Promote marketing initiatives using signature banners.
  • Reduce the workload for their IT department and give their marketing department more freedom in designing signatures and banners.

Targeted marketing communication 

Daniela Ertl wanted to draw attention to the company's social media presence and regain more control over the appearance and information in their signatures.

In addition to overseeing signature management, Daniela Ertl also identified the marketing opportunities they present. Employees have the ability to incorporate banners into their emails, enabling them to effectively engage with their audience. With a diverse selection of banners available, they can tailor their content and marketing messages to suit their needs.

We spoke to Daniela about how she uses Mailtastic to create consistent signatures, which she also uses for marketing purposes, such as promoting the attendance at trade fairs, product launches or partner programmes.

MT Case Study TELE Haase Website Images-04

"Before Mailtastic, it would never have been possible to insert a banner into the signatures of employees to promote our attendance at a trade fair, only to have it online for three or four weeks. It would simply not have been feasible. With Mailtastic, we can now update the signatures quickly to communicate relevant content at the right time."

Daniela Ertl, Communication & Social Media Marketing @ TELE Haase


Before Mailtastic

Complex & manual workflows

What problem did you want to solve with Mailtastic?

Prior to using Mailtastic, we spent considerable time manually customising email signatures, which resulted in inefficient use of our resources.

In addition, there was a consistent demand to incorporate our social media channels into our email signatures. As our social media presence expanded, we aimed to enhance awareness among our partners about our presence on these platforms. However, we encountered persistent challenges when attempting to integrate social media icons into Outlook. These issues ranged from being able to insert only icons as images to encountering limitations such as including only one icon or facing difficulties linking them all together.

We also had the classic problem of the Christmas banner still being used in signatures in February. We had to find a solution for that. We wanted to regain control and start scheduling relevant campaigns at the right time and then ensure that they also stop running at a set time.“

What did that mean for your day to day work?

"We had a very mixed bag of signatures. There would always be a few people who would manually add some extras because they wanted a more specific signature. It was just a mess.

The signatures were set up once by our IT department whenever someone new joined, and then there was the occasional reminder to update the email signature. It was only once we started using Mailtastic that our signatures started to look professional.

It was also creating unnecessary work for our IT department, who understandably want to focus on other areas of the business. That's why we wanted to outsource the signature issue from the IT department. Of course there is a technical component to signatures, but beyond that, the design and corporate identity of the company's signatures is a matter for the marketing department."

What goal did you want to achieve with Mailtastic?

"We wanted to share certain messages or content more selectively to avoid too much scattering. For example, we want to send a different content in our email signatures to a sales partner than to a cooperation partner. They have very different interests.

Another example is communication between HR and applicants. HR also wants to send a different message to applicants instead of promoting product XYZ.

We want to use our signatures as an advertising tool since we write a lot of emails that can be leveraged for that.

Our goal was to send targeted promotional email signature campaigns, but also to have some control over the signatures as a whole."


With Mailtastic

How TELE Haase uses Mailtastic

What has changed at TELE Haase with the introduction of Mailtastic?

"On the one hand, we now have a much more professional signature that is also contemporary and contains important information such as our website link, social media icons and also our logo. It strengthens our corporate brand.

Moreover, we now have the capability to quickly update our messages. Previously, the notion of incorporating an additional signature banner specifically for a trade show, lasting only three or four weeks, would have been almost unattainable. The logistical challenges would have rendered such a task impractical. However, Mailtastic offers us a significantly more flexible approach, enabling us to promote important content when it matters most."

Banner campaign examples by TELE Haase:

Gemeinsam für die Bekämpfung von Brustkrebs! TELE ist offizielle Partnerin der Pink Ribbon-Aktion der Österreichischen Krebshilfe (600 x 150 px)

Kopie von Gemeinsam für die Bekämpfung von Brustkrebs! TELE ist offizielle Partnerin der Pink Ribbon-Aktion der Österreichischen Krebshilfe (600 x 150 px)

How are the signatures structured in your Mailtastic account?

"We have our signature banners divided by department and language, in English and German. We also have company-wide campaigns that are provided as a standard template for all employees. In addition to that, we run banner campaigns for specific purposes and recipients, such as applicants or seasonal offers. We make use of the many possibilities that Mailtastic has to offer.“


Why TELE Haase recommends Mailtastic

  1. Easy set up
    "During the implementation we worked out the basics together with the Mailtastic team. I was then able to start customising signatures and banners to suit our needs straight away. The platform is easy and intuitive, so you can get started quickly without spending a lot of time on it."
  2. Customisable & User-friendly
    "The ability to create multiple banner campaigns is particularly convenient for us. If a department needs to communicate with different recipients via email, they can simply select the appropriate banner when composing the email."
  3. Fast Support
    "Occasionally we needed help with some technical hurdles. I always had the feeling that I was in good hands with the Customer Success team. I was always able to reach someone who took care of the problem."

With Mailtastic, TELE Haase has not only streamlined and increased the flexibility of email signature management but can also deliver tailored marketing messages to the appropriate audience at the right time. This advancement has not only simplified tasks but has also elevated the company's brand with high-quality signatures and bolstered their marketing initiatives.

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