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Signature campaigns successfully used in times of crisis

The current crisis situation poses challenges for companies like never before. Marketers, also, are currently having to find new ways to continue their business in this situation. Here, the disappearance of physical channels creates space for new measures. At the same time, the huge uncertainty ensures that consistency and reliability are currently more important than ever before. As a professional signature management and marketing solution, we are independent of time and place and remain at your disposal. In order to give you some inspiration on how to use successful signature banners, especially in these times, we would like to present some successful campaigns of our customers below.

Communication of the internal handling of the crisis

As a software development company, lise GmbH is digitally well positioned. Currently, their daily work routine also takes place in their home office, true to the motto " physical distance instead of social distance". They have also designed their signature banner to match this motto. Since it is currently not a matter of course to be reachable, they communicate this in their email signature and link to a blog article that goes into more detail about their current work situation. signature campaigns - Translation: Stay healthy! And in contact with us! Even during the corona crisis we are there for you.

Transmission of solidary services by signature campaign

The Breitschwert car dealership is making a great social contribution with its current campaign. In their signature banner, they link to the landing page of the thank-you campaign, where employees of hospitals, emergency services, doctors' practices and nursing services receive a free wheel change. By spreading the message in the email signature, they were able to ensure a high reach of the campaign and at the same time leave a positive impression on contact persons. signature campaigns - Translation: Thanks to the medical personnel! Free wheel change by us.

Building a community through personal initiative

The DRK Landesschule Baden-Württemberg has developed a very creative initiative. They developed the hashtag #wircheckendas as a state-wide initiative for cohesion and community feeling. With the hashtag, everyone who helps can connect. The "Rote Kreuz" company offers a platform ( where both volunteers and people in need can register and thus come together. They spread the message via email signature and of course used the hashtag on social media. signature campaigns - Translation: #wecheckthat

DRK Instagram

@wircheckendas Instagram

Communication of current conditions of supply availability

The shipping company KAISER + KRAFT offers products for all aspects of company operations, true to the motto "Everything for the company". To ensure that KAISER + KRAFT's customers are always informed about current delivery availability, even during the crisis, they use the following banner in their signature. Customers can find the current status at any time on the linked landing page. signature campaigns - Translation: We are there for you! Order securely online from us. Current information on the corona virus situation and availability can be found here.

Provision of crisis-related services

As a B2B2C service provider, SPENDIT AG has specialised in providing other companies with digital employee benefits under the motto "Happiness as a concept". In the spirit of the employees, they have also distributed a crisis campaign in their email signature, which informs under the linked landing page how companies can grant their employees tax-free additional benefits in these times, in addition to the short-time work allowance. signature campaigns - Translation: Now top up short-time payments with additional net benefits!

Microbiological laboratory diagnostics at bestbion dx

Cologne-based bestbion dx, specialized in the marketing of products for microbiological laboratory diagnostics and recently a Mailtastic customer, went live within a very short time. Why? Because the team at bestbion dx recognized the potential of the email signature as an additional, valuable channel for B2B marketing. "Especially in the current time of crisis, we can reach our customers quickly and directly here and then re-target them in a targeted manner! Within a few weeks, the bestbion dx was able to generate an enormous range through the emails sent by their team.

Bestbion Signatur-Banner

We are enthusiastic about the diversity and creativity of our customers, who are continuing to take off in this period. Do you also have campaigns on the current situation in use? You are welcome to send us your examples.Stay healthy!

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