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Email Marketing

Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023_Resource card
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023
Find the best email signature management software. Reviews, comparison, pricing, and must-have features to look for when choosing a tool.
Roche case study card
Test it, nail it, scale it: Rolling out personalised email campaigns with Mailtastic
Read how Roche uses Mailtastic to take their customer engagement to the next level.
email-marketing-campaigns-card (1)-2
How to run successful email marketing campaigns
What are email marketing campaigns? How do you execute a successful campaign? How do you measure success? This blog answers those questions and more!

Email Signature Marketing

Professional Email Signatures with Mailtastic_Hero banner
Professional Email Signatures with Mailtastic
Learn how to create professional email signatures in no time and make a lasting impression on everyone you email. Start your free trial of Mailtastic now!
email-marketing-campaigns-card (1)-2
A guide on sales and marketing email signatures
Looking to take more recipients from lead, to prospect, to customer? An email signature can help, and this guide will tell you why and how.
How to engage your customers with email signature marketing_Resource card (1)
How to get a CTA email signature that impacts your bottom line
Give your email signature the ultimate upgrade with calls-to-action. And use this guide to find out how to drive traffic, have conversations, and more.
Email Signature Marketing Guide

A quick guide to email signature marketing

293 billion emails are sent every day. and you can use email signature marketing to make every one count.

In this guide, you'll learn all about how you can use signature banner campaigns to better market your business.

B2B Marketing

Posts by Lisa Holzhofer

I work for the SaaS company Mailtastic in digital marketing. I'm specialized in content marketing. We offer the leading software in Germany for professional signature marketing and are therefore experts in this field.

Marketing in the new normal: What’s changed?
We are starting to emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, but it is into a different world. How can we still generate leads and build our brands in this new environment? Let’s find out more.
Signature campaigns successfully used in times of crisis
We present our customers best practices of successfully used signature campaigns in times of crisis. Find inspirations in this article.
Illustrations on websites – our experiences
Why these often very artistic-looking illustrations are so popular and also part of the new Mailtastic corporate design, you will learn in this article.
Team-Introduction: Dirk
Our Sales Hero Dirk Althaus talks about his daily business at Mailtastic. Read now and find out what makes Mailtastic special to him.
The New Mailtastic
The Mailtastic Relaunch is introduced by Co-Founder Peer Wierzbitzki. He reveals how the relaunch came about and what has changed.
Team-Introduction: Julian
Julian Wiebke reports in this blog article about his work at Mailtastic and what it is like to work in our team. Read now.
Mailtastic at DMEXCO 2019
Experience exciting insights of our experiences of this year's DMEXCO. From interesting speakers to great conversations we had everything.
How to attract visitors of your content marketing with your email signature
Content marketing needs traffic to take hold. Increase your reach through email signature marketing and reach a relevant target group.

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