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Tao Bauer on „Digitization in Sales“ in CENTEVO’s podcast

Verena Vogt
13 January 2020

Our Managing Director Tao Bauer was interviewed by Sascha Falk in the CENTEVO podcast. The advertising potential of email signatures is recognised by more and more companies. Due to the high number of employees in B2B companies, the marketing channel of signatures gains enormous reach. In addition, a single email is viewed on average 2.5 times. Placing an advertising message there that reaches exactly the desired target group also leads to disproportionately high click rates. 

Tao Bauer tells the story of Mailtastic from the very beginning. Tao also illuminates the best practices, i.e. how our customers already successfully use this channel. You can also hear how the idea was born, what influence email signature marketing has on sales digitalization and what insights it gives into our own marketing strategy. Please note that the podcast is in German.

Tao Bauer Interview

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We wish you a lot of fun and new insights while listening and are looking forward to your feedback!

Tao Bauer Demo

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