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Email Marketing

Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023_Resource card
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023
Find the best email signature management software. Reviews, comparison, pricing, and must-have features to look for when choosing a tool.
Mailtastic - Case Study Mensch und Maschine-02
Consistent employee email signatures at Mensch und Maschine
Read how Karina from Mensch und Maschine, manages signatures of over 330 employees and creates event & standard banner campaigns.
Mailtastic officially launches its Marketo integration_Resource card (1)
Mailtastic officially launches its Marketo integration
Mailtastic now officially integrates with Marketo. Read how Marketo users can utilise lists to create automated email banner campaigns with Mailtastic.

Email Signature Marketing

email-marketing-campaigns-card (1)-2
A guide on sales and marketing email signatures
Looking to take more recipients from lead, to prospect, to customer? An email signature can help, and this guide will tell you why and how.
How to engage your customers with email signature marketing_Resource card (1)
How to get a CTA email signature that impacts your bottom line
Give your email signature the ultimate upgrade with calls-to-action. And use this guide to find out how to drive traffic, have conversations, and more.
Everything you need to know about email signature banners
Looking to maximise the marketing potential of an email signature? The answer lies in banners, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know.
Email Signature Marketing Guide

A quick guide to email signature marketing

293 billion emails are sent every day. and you can use email signature marketing to make every one count.

In this guide, you'll learn all about how you can use signature banner campaigns to better market your business.

B2B Marketing

How to use B2B email marketing to generate leads
B2B email marketing lead generation. Start sending emails that pull in a ton of new customers, using tactics such as prospecting, automation & more.
8 rad B2B email marketing trends to follow into 2023_Card
8 rad B2B email marketing trends to follow into 2023
Want to get ahead of your competitors? Then check out our B2B email marketing trends for 2022. Including conversational marketing, text-only emails & more.
How to create a B2B email marketing strategy
Firing off emails to lead lists and hoping mud sticks? Think again. Here's how you create a B2B email marketing strategy that gets results.

Posts by Verena Vogt

Verena Vogt is a Marketing Manager at Mailtastic. She loves to use Mailtastic E-Mail-Signature Marketing by herself. Other key focuses of her work are B2B marketing in general, social media marketing, SEA and of course content marketing. Writing for the Mailtastic Blog means a lot to her, as high quality content is extremely important to her.

Cognism acquires Mailtastic – Milestone for next generation B2B marketing
We are proud to announce that Cognism, the world's leading globally compliant prospecting solution, has acquired Mailtastic. More information on our blog!
7 tips on how to bring your booth to your target group
We would like to give you some tips on how to bring planned measures, espeacially in context of fairs, to your target group in these difficult times.
Team-Introduction: Viviane
Viviane Kurpiers a.k.a. Vivi a.k.a. Merle a.k.a. Agent Spätzle works in the marketing department of Mailtastic. Here we introduce her.
Tao Bauer on „Digitization in Sales“ in CENTEVO’s podcast
Our Managing Director Tao Bauer was interviewed by Sascha Falk in the CENTEVO podcast.
Team-Introduction: Phillip
You can read what Phillip Luma's tasks in the Mailtastic controlling team are and with whom he would like to have a drink on our blog.
In 7 steps to your Account Based Marketing Strategy: an overview for beginners
Learn how you can integrate account based marketing into your marketing strategy and how email signature marketing can help.
Team-Introduction: Elli
Elli (Elisabeth Pilau) from the Customer Success Team is introduced here. She gives an insight into your daily work at Mailtastic.
22 Content Marketing Ideas for B2B Marketers
You can find out why content marketing is just as important for B2B marketers as it is for B2C marketing managers on the Mailtastic blog.

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