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Team-Introduction: Phillip

Our team works every day to make our customers even more successful through email signature marketing. We want to show who we are in this team presentation series. Here we introduce Phillip Luma.

What's your part in the team?

Phillip: I work in finance and controlling, which means that I am responsible for invoices that reach us or go out. Consequently, receivables management and cost management are my main tasks at Mailtastic. At Mailtastic, the team concept is very important and so I can implement and further develop the partly very theoretical knowledge from the university in a great team.

What makes Mailtastic special?

Mailtastic is dedicated to the extremely interesting topic of digital marketing, which is already in the present and will especially in the future be an important factor for companies. This innovative idea convinced me then and still does today to work here. The special thing about Mailtastic for me is the extraordinarily good employee climate. Events are often planned where you can do different things with your colleagues outside the office. You grow into the group pretty quickly.

What was your funniest moment with the Mailtastic team?

This year's carnivals party in our office, because that party was the first event I could attend. There I noticed that everyone, even if you're not at work, has just as much fun.

Phillip Luma Kopfhörer

What's on your desk?

Most of the time I have a full filing with my blue notes and many bills, a bottle of water, a punch, a stapler, a tape, a telephone and of course my laptop with connected monitor. Sweet snacks like chocolate, but also healthy ones like apples or bananas, can also be found regularly.

What do you look forward to after work?

When it fits, I usually meet up with friends to do something, like watching football or basketball in a bar. And if there are no events to see in a bar, we usually play a few hours on the court or the football field ourselves.

Who would you like to have a drink with?

I would love to have a drink with Barack Obama in a relaxed atmosphere, because he is one of the great role models of our time. With his very inspiring character, I could probably talk about God and the world. He would certainly have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Tao Bauer Team

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Mailtastic certified ISO 27001 compliant
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