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Cognism uses Mailtastic to get 143,000+ impressions on new feature announcement

Learn how Cognism used Mailtastic to increase webinar signups, announce new features & generate leads.

The company

Cognism is a globally compliant lead generation platform based in London. The company provides B2B sales and marketing teams with fresh business contact data and automation tools to help action it. Hundreds of B2B revenue teams currently use Cognism to target ready-to-buy companies and close new business faster.

The challenge

Verche Karafiloska is Cognism’s Product Marketing Executive. Verche is responsible for executing product launches, increasing product and feature adoption and enabling Cognism’s sales and marketing teams.

She spoke to us about the biggest challenges she encountered when she first stepped into the PM role:

"I joined Cognism’s marketing team as a product marketer at an exciting time. 

First, our Product team was already beta-testing our then latest feature - the integrated Dialler. And second, the Marketing department had already started organising customer-exclusive webinars. These were designed to share the latest product news and show current customers how they can maximise the value of our platform. 

The problem was not all of our customers were on our mailing list, so I needed to find alternative channels to promote our new features. The idea behind this was to net new leads and existing customers, while driving webinar sign-ups."

The solution

Verche knew the Demand Generation team at Cognism already used Mailtastic to raise awareness for their latest content pieces and webinars. 

And she hoped to emulate that during the launch of the company's newest feature.

"The Dialler launch was very successful as we used a combination of channels to reach our target audience and existing customers. Of course, Mailtastic was one of those channels.

The great thing about Mailtastic is that it allows you to create different signature marketing campaigns and use different messaging and visuals for different teams and/or receivers. 

"When launching the Dialler, I set up two different campaigns: one for the sales team who are mostly in touch with prospects and one for our CS and Interactive team who communicate with customers. That way, we were able to deliver truly relevant messages to both of our audiences."

The results

Verche is delighted with the value Mailtastic has added.

We got 143,000+ impressions in the first month and people started asking about the Dialler.

"We also use Mailtastic to promote our customer-exclusive webinars. It literally takes me two minutes and a few clicks to create a campaign and assign it to a department. 

"Since Mailtastic allows us to create different campaigns for different teams, I can run email signature campaigns targeting customers, while our demand gen team runs campaigns targeting prospects at the same time.”

By using Mailtastic, Cognism also:

  • Got 41,421 impressions on a customer-exclusive webinar and increased signups
  • Got 33,264 impressions on a campaign promoting their Customer-Exclusive Roadmap Preview event and increased signups
  • Got 14,000 impressions on their Chrome Extension 2.0 announcement at a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.89%, which is comparable to the average CTR for Facebook Ads across industries
  • Created personalised email signature marketing campaigns to reach existing customers and net new leads 
  • Boosted new product awareness and feature adoption

Finally, Verche adds:

"When you think about how many emails your team sends in a day, and how much time your customers and prospects spend in their inboxes, it makes so much sense to use email signature marketing! Since we got Mailtastic, we always share something in our signatures. 

Mailtastic has turned every conversation that our teams have into an opportunity to promote our content, drive awareness about new features, and even book demos. It’s easy to use, it’s effective and it helps you sell and advertise, without being pushy. I love it, and everyone at Cognism loves it as well!

About Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the  #1 email signature marketing platform, allowing you to turn your employee email signatures into ad space. Supercharge your reach with email banners that plug your latest content, event or offer and create measurable campaigns for different audiences. Meanwhile, take control of your brand with central management of every email signature and in-built compliance.

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