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How kaiserkraft generated more orders using email signature marketing

See how kaiserkraft took control of their email signatures and their brand.

The company

kaiserkraft is Europe's leading mail order group for production, warehouse and office equipment. The company offers a range of about 100,000 products from workplace equipment through to storage facilities. 

We interviewed Evamaria Löschmann, the company’s International Marketing Manager, about the company's journey with Mailtastic so far.


During the customer onboarding phase, Mailtastic takes time to understand the individual needs of its customers.

As Evamaria says...

“The onboarding went really well. Mailtastic's customer success team was efficient and helpful. The look and feel of the platform was also simple and clear, which was one of the reasons why we decided to use the platform.”

She adds: “We walked through the technical aspects with IT consultants who explained everything in-depth. Then we had a discussion with the legal team which made us feel at ease.”

Post implementation

  • kaiserkraft began centrally managing employee email signatures
  • Customers praised brand consistency & email signature design 
  • Employees began to choose their own banners to fit the needs of different audiences
  • Mailtastic helped save time & resources spent on email signature management

Use cases

“Our ‘Product of the Month’ series goes out across all our marketing channels,” Evamaria says. 

"With the help of signature banners, we run multi-channel campaigns as well as teasers that address a very specific target group."

Evamaria also highlights how Mailtastic helps kaiserkraft keep its brand under control:

“Before we started using Mailtastic, all employees had to manually apply the banner in their signatures. But now we can guarantee the right display of the banners and the employees save time. This has really improved the reach of our campaigns.”

The results

Mailtastic is easy to use and works quickly,” Evamaria concludes.

“We’ve managed to generate additional orders shortly after launch, which made it a no-brainer to carry on working with Mailtastic.”

“Per month, each sales employee generates four email banner clicks on average, which really adds up. Hopefully over time the number will increase and we can drive even more conversions.” 


About Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the  #1 email signature marketing platform, allowing you to turn your employee email signatures into ad space. Supercharge your reach with email banners that plug your latest content, event or offer and create measurable campaigns for different audiences. Meanwhile, take control of your brand with central management of every email signature and in-built compliance.

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