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Consistent employee email signatures at Mensch und Maschine

In companies with several hundred employees, managing everyone’s email signature can become overwhelming. Some people use outdated templates, others are trying to be creative and design something themselves. You quickly get a mixture of different signatures being used throughout the company, instead of a professional signature that’s on brand and up-to-date. 

Headshot Image - KarinaWe talked to Karina, Online Marketing Manager at Mensch und Maschine. She told us how she manages the email signatures of over 330 employees whilst providing everyone with up-to-date event and standard banner campaigns for their target industries at the same time.


The goals at a glance

  • Ensure a consistent, professional appearance 
  • Quickly adapt, add and remove signatures
  • Use signatures and banners for marketing
  • Promote events even further

The challenge

What problem did you want to solve with Mailtastic? 

“The main goal we wanted to achieve was to get on top of the many “creative” signatures that had been created and start using a consistent, professionally branded signature in all of our external communication.

We have a very complex requirement for our signatures, with over 100 different departments. On top of that, we have multiple branches and want to assign signature banners to the different departments at each location. 

For example, a sales rep for mechanical engineering should only have the signature banner for “Mechanical Engineering” available and not for “construction” or “electrical” as well.

Therefore, we needed a solution which allows us to easily follow this structure and that can be easily maintained at the same time.”

An insight into the results

How has your work changed after implementing Mailtastic?

“With Mailtastic, we manage signatures centrally and only have to replace banners if needed. And all the data is maintained via the Active Directory. 

Campaigns and events can be created quickly. All you need is an image and a link to your website or landing page. With a few templates, you can easily create beautiful signatures and they can always be adapted afterwards.

Our sales team uses LinkedIn for social selling, so we use a link to the sales person's profile in the signature. With Mailtastic, we can easily manage and dynamically adapt these links.”

What has improved since you started using Mailtastic?

“Our email marketing initiatives have benefited a lot from Mailtastic. It's another way to send someone to our website via a signature and you can track data, clicks, impressions, etc. directly.

With Mailtastic, we can run promotions for events and trade fairs and assign them to specific locations. This allows us to react quickly and adapt to seasonal conditions.”

Signatur-Banner MuM-Vision 2022 Muenchen

Example of a banner at Mensch und Maschine: MuM Vision event series, which runs at various locations throughout the year.

The results in numbers

  • 68 campaigns
  • 2.1 million impressions
  • 11,000 clicks
  • 336 employees in DACH actively using banner campaigns

The solution

Why did you choose Mailtastic?

“The intuitive management of signatures for our different branches was the deciding factor for us when choosing Mailtastic. The software is very easy to understand. There are various help options, such as the help centre or the chat support.

In addition, the close collaboration between us and the IT support at Mailtastic really impressed us. It means that we can be sure that everything is well maintained and that the data is transferred into the system accurately. 

Mailtastic has been very responsive to our requirements and has always supported us, especially in the early stages.”

What features do you particularly enjoy about the platform?

“Being able to schedule campaigns in advance and define the start and end date. It means I don't have to set up completely new campaigns and reassign all departments, which can take a long time with 110 departments. Instead, I can use existing campaigns and use a different banner with a different link for 2 weeks. It saves so much time.

Of course, we could also send customers a link directly to a webinar or an event, but if the customer sees it on a well-designed graphic on a banner, they are more likely to click on it.”

Experiences with the Mailtastic Customer Success

What has been your experience with Mailtastic Customer Success?

“As a first step I always use the integrated chat, I find it super helpful. I get an answer within a few hours or even within a few minutes – and often that is already helpful or contributes to finding a solution.

If that isn’t the case, then the customer success team will arrange a call with me. In the call, we go over the problem and so far, we’ve always found a solution.”

Tips for Mailtastic users

What advice would you give to other businesses in your industry about using Mailtastic?

“My advice is to think about structures in the company, define clear rules and only then start building departments, campaigns, etc. in Mailtastic. This way you create a clean structure from the beginning and avoid a huge cleaning up efforts afterwards. 

I don't think we were aware of that at the beginning. It took me a while to get an overview of the many departments, campaigns and functions. If you map out a clean structure from the beginning, it's much easier afterwards.”


About Mensch und Maschine

Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MuM) is a leading developer of Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), Product Data Management (PDM) and Building Information Modelling/Management (BIM) with around 75 locations across Europe as well as in Asia and America. 

The MuM business model is based on the two segments MuM software (standard software for CAM, BIM and CAE) and system house (customised digitisation solutions, training and consulting for customers in industry, construction and infrastructure).


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