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How to create stand-out clickable email signatures (& drive revenue)

Looking for an email signature that can help you get more conversions, but not sure on where to start? Then this guide is for you. We've got tips, FAQs, and more. 👇

Email marketing is here to stay. 

Why, you might ask? 

By 2022, it’s estimated that over 347.3 billion emails will be sent daily. And a clickable email signature can help you take advantage of this.

That's because they allow you to engage with recipients on a deeper level, while driving high-value traffic to relevant content on your site. 

They also help you stand out from the crowd in your recipients’ inboxes. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What a clickable email signature actually is. 
  • Why you need a clickable email signature. 
  • What to remember when making your clickable email signature. 



What is a clickable email signature?

A clickable email signature is placed at the end of emails, underneath your sign off. It includes information that helps recipients continue their customer journey. Usually, this comes in the form of a visual call to action (CTA) or banner, which plugs content, products, and offers.


What are the benefits of clickable email signatures?

In a nutshell, a clickable email signature is a great marketing tactic.

With one, you can nurture relationships with recipients and guide them from the beginning to the end of the buying cycle.  

CTAs do the work for you here. For example:

Say you’re a sales rep for a B2B SaaS company. In your email signature, you’ve decided to include a banner promoting an update to your range of products. 

Here’s what could happen with a clickable email signature:

How clickable email signatures help boost business and revenue

Not too shabby for something that's completely free, right?

Best of all, clickable email signatures aren't just about getting first exposure to your product range. 

They can be used at every stage of the marketing funnel, meaning you can direct recipients towards further resources (TOFU), case studies (MOFU), or pricing pages (BOFU) depending on what suits.  

What should I include in my clickable email signature?

Now you know what a clickable email signature is, you need to know about the best things to include in them. 

Below👇 you can see a list of the most common clickable email signature features - but there's just one thing to note before you start:

Make sure you cherry pick the features that are most relevant to you and your business needs, and don't include any for the sake of it.

Clickable phone number ☎️

The easier you make it for recipients to contact you, the more likely conversations will continue outside of email chains. 

A clickable phone number helps you do that because people don’t have to waste time copying and pasting the phone number from your email signature. 

Clickable button to set up a meeting 🗓️

You might conduct a lot of your business via video call. 

If that’s the case, think about a clickable calendar button on your email signature. 

This'll help you save the back and forth of trying to set up an appointment with the recipient in an email chain.  

Clickable social media icons 📱

By using social media icons in your clickable email signature, you can drive more traffic to the platforms you use and the content you share on them. 

Just remember to include the platforms where your audience hangs out, rather than being distracted by the shiniest ones.

Clickable icons to view other forms of content ⬇️

If you’ve written an eBook or white paper, use a clickable download button. 

If you’ve filmed a YouTube video, use a clickable logo or thumbnail to persuade recipients to check it out. 

By taking steps like this, you'll be able to distribute your content more widely and increase your chances of getting conversions. 

Clickable banner 👇

Clickable banners are perfect for when you have a special offer or a new launch. 

That’s because they immediately grab the attention of the reader. They’re colourful and hard to miss on an email signature. 

If your company is running a promotional event, for example, a "SUMMER40" banner would help drive traffic and site conversions. 

Clickable company logo 👇

If you want to promote your company, a clickable logo is ideal. 

That's because it'll help generate brand awareness, which gets stronger the more emails you send.

For example, you can link to: 

Ways to leverage a clickable company logo in your email signature


What are the best practices for clickable email signatures?

When you discover a new marketing hack, it can be tempting to quadruple down on it. But in the case of clickable email signatures, this isn't advisable. Here are some best practices to help you maximise their effectiveness:  

Don't include too many clickable features 🙅

Clickable email signatures are most effective when they provide a clear direction of travel for the recipient. 

That means sticking to 1 or 2 clickable features.

If you include every single feature out there, recipients will be paralysed by choice, and you'll blow your chances of getting quality traffic and conversions. 

Organise around your branding 👍

Clickable email signatures are fully customisable, meaning you have the power to decide the design and layout.

And it makes most sense to centre this around either your own brand or the company you work for. 

Whether it’s a banner, logo, or a social media icon, you should use your company colour palette. 

Keep it professional 👩‍⚖️

Above everything else, it’s crucial to keep your clickable email signature professional. 

So, make sure you include these fundamentals, and not just clipart:

  • Your full name
  • Basic contact information (such as a phone number)
  • Your job title
  • A professional photograph of yourself

Clickable email signature key takeaways

Clickable email signatures are powerful marketing tools. That's because they can help you:

  • Generate conversations outside of email chains
  • Generate traffic to key web pages

They're also relevant for every part of the marketing funnel and you can use any of the following features to help nurture recipients: 

  • Clickable phone number
  • Clickable button to set up a first meeting
  • Clickable social media icons
  • Clickable buttons to promote content outside of social platforms 
  • Clickable banners
  • Clickable company logos 

FAQs 🙋

How do I make a clickable email signature in Gmail?

1. Create + save clickable image. 
2. Open “Gmail”.
3. Open “Settings”.
4. Scroll down to “Signature” under “General”. 
5. Click signature/"
Create New” under “No Signatures”. 
6. Type signature. 

7. Click “Images” icon.
8. Upload image.
9. Double-click icon. 

10. Click “Hyperlink” icon.
11. Paste site link. 
12. “Save Changes”. 

How do I make a creative or cool clickable email signature?

If you’re in a creative industry like art, photography, or graphic design, a clickable email signature is perfect to show off your talent.

You can either create one manually, or you can use a generator. 

Here are some of the features you could include:

Social media icons Link accounts that are constantly updated. You’ll generate likes, follows and comments.  

Animated GIFs GIFs can help you get across your sense of humour and personality. Just limit yourself to one, as compatibility varies across devices. 

And that's all there is to it! You're now ready to make a clickable email signature that converts.



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