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An assistant's guide to professional email signatures

Tired of your never-ending to-do list as an assistant? Then check out this guide on assistant email signatures, and find out how you can make things easier for yourself. 

“I’ll have your people call my people.”

As an assistant, you’re the “people” company bosses are referring to. And that call inevitably ends up in you adding a million and one tasks to your to-do list.  

But what if we told you there’s a way to make your work easier to manage? And it’s something you wouldn’t immediately expect...

Yep, your email signature

With a clickable email signature calendar icon, you can effortlessly schedule meetings with multiple parties and ensure that clashes never take place. 

This is one of the many ways your workload as an assistant is made easier.



What are the benefits of assistant email signatures?

Sure you might not have immediately thought about having an email signature, but it can make a real difference for you. Here’s why: 

It's professional 👩‍⚖️

Whatever the job, there’s always room for growth. One of the ways you can achieve this is by leaving a lasting impression on your boss. 

An email signature shows initiative, as you’ve gone the extra mile to appear credible. You’re also showing commitment to representing your boss and company in a serious way. 

It's personal 👤

Being approachable is a key part of an assistant's remit.  

Of course, this image is harder to achieve this over email, as you’re typing out messages rather than talking over the phone. This is where an email signature comes in. 

Even something as simple as a photograph on your signature helps humanise interactions with recipients and break the ice.    

What should I include in an assistant's email signature?

Include basic information 📞 

Starting off nice and simple. Any functional email signature must include: 

Basic components of a professional email signature

Include what type of assistant you are 👥

There are tons of assistant job titles out there, so it’s important to label which one you are. For example: 

Put your position's correct title in your email signature

Giving extra detail to recipients will help ensure the right people get in touch with you and the wrong ones stay out of your inbox. 

Include calls-to-action ⏭️

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are great if you’re looking to make your email signature clickable. 

Recipients can be directed to take an action, such as finding out more about the company you work for. 

The trick is not to get enticed by the huge selection of banners, buttons and icons. Choose the ones that’ll help you with your needs as an assistant. 

Here are some of the best to include:

Clickable phone number ☎️

A clear sign of a great email signature is one that’s easy to use. So save recipients time and effort by having a clickable phone number, whether it’s your own or the office extension. 

Clickable company logo  ⤵️

As an assistant, you’ve got an important job of representing the brand or company you work for. A clickable logo can help with this, as it helps to create immediate brand awareness. 

And as more and more emails are received, recipients’ brand recognition will grow stronger each time. 

Why is this important, you may ask? 

Well when it comes to making important buying decisions, your company will be top of mind with recipients.

Clickable calendar icon 🗓️

We’re sure you’re no stranger to scheduling meetings. 

But did you know your email signature can help you out with this job? 

Include a clickable calendar icon that links to a portal showing recipients availability. All they have to do is fill out their info, and a Zoom invite will be sent automatically.    

What are the best practices for assistant email signatures?

So now we’ve convinced you that it’s a good idea to have an assistant email signature, you’re probably asking yourself: “Where do I start?”

Well, you’ve got to remember: each part of the email signature is important. 

But don’t feel daunted by this, because we’ve got some tips for you. 

It’s easier than you think. 😀

Remember formal phrasing 👔 

One of the best ways to look professional is to sound professional. 

That means you shouldn’t sign off with “Cheers” or “See you later” to recipients you don’t know on a personal level. 

Instead, use formal phrases like “Kind regards” or “Best”. 

Remember to have a professional photograph 📷

A formulaic sign off isn’t enough to help you nurture relationships with recipients. 

Instead, you need to connect with them on a personal level.  

That’s why it’s crucial to include a photograph of yourself in your email signature. By doing this, recipients can put a face to a name, and they’ll be reassured that a bot hasn’t sent the message. 

Here are some pointers for the perfect photograph: 

Remember to have good lighting:

  • Avoid taking the photo in artificial lighting.
  • Opt for a room with lots of windows so there’s natural lighting.
  • Remember not to take it on a super sunny day. 

Remember to have a high-quality camera:

  • Sometimes cameras on devices don’t have the best quality, so take some test photos beforehand. 
  • Use an actual camera if you can, or go to a photo booth. 

Remember to avoid excessively cropping the photo: 

  • It’ll come out pixelated.
  • Your email signature will end up looking spammy or unprofessional

Remember to smile:

  • A friendly face makes your email signature personal!

Remember to follow a simple design template ✏️

So all the information you need is ready to go for your email signature. 

Now it’s time to think about how you’re going to organise it so the signature is clear, eye-catching, and easy to read. 

If you’re stuck on how to do this, here are some tips: 

  1. Stick to one colour scheme. The easiest way to do this is align the signature with the colours of the company or brand you work for. 
  2. Stick to one font. Recipients need to gather information easily, so pick one font that’s easy to read. Save your art and design for another time. 
  3. Stick to a maximum of two CTAs. Lots of different clickable icons will make your email signature look overwhelming. Stick to the ones that’ll be the most beneficial for you as an assistant.   

Assistant email signature key takeaways

That was a lot of information, so let’s recap the key points. 

  1. Email signatures help assistants to look professional and positively represent the company.
  2. It’s important to pay attention to each part of the email signature. So remember to include basic contact information, relevant CTAs and a professional photograph. 
  3. Make sure your design template is clean. Your email signature won’t be effective if it’s cluttered, distracting, and illegible. 

And there you have it! That's everything you need to know about creating an assistant email signature.


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