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Best Email Signatures for Sales: Tips & More

In this guide, discover why a sales email signature is an important part of your toolkit.

More conversations, more meetings booked, and more closed deals. 

It’s music to any salesperson’s ear. 

And having a tailored sales email signature can help you. 


Well, read this guide and find out all you need to know👇


What is a sales email signature? 

An email signature is a block of text placed at the bottom of your emails where you’d usually round off an email. 

And in the context of a salesperson, it’s a good addition to emails. Because they offer something a little different and extra for prospects. 

For example, in a sales email as part of a cadence your email signature might link to a  new piece of content outlining a product specification. 

Alternatively, if you’re in the awareness stage of the sales funnel your email signature might link to a playbook or blog article. 

In short: there’s a lot of unrealised potential with a sales email signature. 

What are the benefits of sales email signatures? 

Now you know what a sales email signature is, let’s dive into some of the benefits👇

It’s professional

It’s ok to be eccentric or lively in sales. 

But it’s also important to not lose sight of the fact that you’re representing your company or organisation. So how you present yourself to prospects over email matters greatly. 

An email signature tailored for a salesperson can help massively with your professional image. Because it’s similar to a business card. 

Prospects will take you seriously. 

And even if they don’t book a meeting, you would’ve left a lasting professional impression. One that they’re likely to remember if they’re ever in a reconsideration stage. 

Remember: save the Wolf of Wall Street humour for after-work socials with your other sales pals. They’ll appreciate it more than your prospects will.  

It’s personal

Cold calling is a defining factor of a sales role. 

And often when you’re going to reach out to prospects, it’ll be for the first time. That’s where having a personalised email signature helps.  

Because let’s say you sign off a follow-up email with a signature containing a photo of yourself, for example. Prospects will be able to put a face to a name. 

And this will have a positive impact on the relationship you’re likely to have with a prospect - especially in the long-run. 

Remember: with every cold outreach you’ve got the opportunity to make it really matter with an email signature for sales. 

It helps to enhance your sales cadence emails

As a salesperson, you’re often going to be told to maximise the opportunity at every touchpoint in the b2b sales process.

So when it comes to the emails in your sales cadence, adding a sales email signature will help with this. 


Because prospects are constantly reminded that they’re speaking with an actual human. Often with emails they can come across impersonal or cold. 

But having a professional and personal email signature will mean that prospects will regularly remember they’re talking with an actual member of a sales team. 

What should be included in a sales email signature? 

Here are 3 things to consider when creating your sales email signature👇

Basic contact information

This is obvious. 

But remember that the more guesswork you leave for prospects, the more opportunities you’re likely to miss out on. 

So, remember these 3 things:

  • Your name 
  • Your contact number e.g. a mobile number 
  • Your job title 

Relevant calls-to-action

A CTA email signature is a no brainer if you’re in sales. 

But remember to give it some thought, when it comes to considering which CTA you’re going to include. 

Here are some ideas:

  • A CTA that says: “Book a meeting”
  • A CTA that states: “Download product spec and pricing”
  • A CTA linking to the latest or most popular content 
  • A CTA linking to a customer or prospect feedback form
  • A CTA linking to customer feedback you’ve already received - it builds trust. 
  • A CTA directing a prospect to a ‘Calendly link’ 
  • A CTA linking to your LinkedIn profile

And remember: don’t overwhelm the recipient with CTAs. Stick to no more than 2 that’re the most relevant for your email signature for sales. 

A professional photograph

A small addition, but it makes a huge difference for your signature in sales.

Prospects often struggle or are put off by salespeople, as they can’t visualise who they’re talking to. 

And that’s why it’s important to have a photograph on your signature for sales. You’ll appear more friendly, approachable, and most importantly trustworthy! 

The best thing to do is to use an email signature generator tool, so you can make sure the photo will look proportional. 

Include a slogan

Why should prospects talk to you over SDRs, especially at other companies? 

In other words, what have you got that you can bring to the table over competitors? 

Answer this information in a value proposition or slogan on your sales email signature. 

But beware! Don’t include some bold, big-headed, or exaggerated phrase! Keep it simple and value-led. 

Include a confidentiality disclaimer 

Confidentiality is something you’re no stranger to as a salesperson. 

And including a disclaimer on your signature will make sure each sales email you send out is compliant. 

If you’re an SDR in Europe, the GDPR compliance disclaimer is the most likely choice.


What are the best practices for sales email signatures? 

Once you’ve figured out what to include in your signature, go the extra mile with these quick tips and tricks 👇

Optimise and align with where you are in the sales funnel

Don’t have a generic email signature for sales. 

Show that you’ve understood your prospects, and use your signature as an opportunity to share relevant content or information. 

For example, when you’re outreaching to prospects for the first time, they’ll be in the awareness stage. So include a CTA linking to your company social media page. 

If you’re interacting with a buyer further down the sales funnel, such as in the interest stage, include a downloadable PDF icon on your sales email signature, linking to something like a price list. 

Optimise for mobile

Most of the time, prospects are on mobile

Office switchboard numbers now, tend to be a thing of the past. 

So make sure your sales email signature is mobile friendly. Because after you call a prospect on mobile, most likely they’ll be checking emails straight after. 

Give your specific job title

Sales is a broad role. 

So, make sure recipients (whether they’re prospects or clients) know exactly who they’re in contact with, from the details in your email signature. 

For example: 

  • Are you a Director of Sales Development? 
  • Are you a sales onboarding manager? 
  • Are you a VP of sales?
  • Are you an SDR, BDR, or an AE? 
  • Are you an Account Manager? 

You can take this even further, and state the segment you’re in. 

For example: “Mid-Market SDR”

This is important to include on your signature if you’re in sales. Because it’ll show the prospect you’re not hiding any information. It’ll help build trust. 

Have a simple design template

No matter how tempted you are, don’t get overly creative with your email signature. 

Because you’re talking to prospects, some of which could be VPs or even CEOs! They won’t appreciate looking at a signature that’s over the top with GIFs and colours. 

Follow a colour scheme - preferably aligned with your company colours. And remember to stick to one font - that’s easy to read. 

Sales email signatures key takeaways 

Let’s recap the key points for sales email signatures:

  1. Signatures on sales emails are professional, personal, and likely to enhance your overall sales cadence. 
  2. Include basic information, relevant CTAs, a photo, a valuable slogan on your email signature. 
  3. Remember to optimise the CTA on your sales signature, depending on where your recipient is based in the funnel. 
  4. Make sure you’ve optimised the email signature for mobile. 
  5. Remember to give your specific sales title. 
  6. Your sales email signature should follow a simple template. 
  7. Finally, don’t forget to include a relevant confidentiality or compliance disclaimer on your signature you send out in sales emails. 

And that’s all there is to it! You’re ready to achieve new heights with a sales email signature


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