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How EQS Group achieved over 500,000 impressions with email signatures

Read in this Case Study:

  • Why EQS Group switched from their previous email signature platform to Mailtastic
  • How EQS marketing has benefited from Mailtastic
  • A selection of EQS Group's most successful email signature campaigns

The company

EQS Group AG is a leading international provider of cloud-based compliance and investor relations software products. The company develops software solutions, such as the EQS COCKPIT, which help companies meet regulatory requirements and streamline work processes.

Founded in Munich in 2000, the EQS Group now has more than 550 employees in over 13 offices in the world's major financial centres.

The Challenge

Prior to using Mailtastic, EQS Group was already using email signature management software. However, this software lacked the ability to run marketing campaigns and its overall functionality was rather limited.

“Our requirements were becoming increasingly complex due to our many locations and different sales orientations. The existing solution couldn't meet our needs.”

“We wanted to be able to display marketing banners and not just manage our signatures centrally,” explains Anna Rössler, Team Lead Content Marketing at EQS Group.

The solution

EQS Group's marketing team researched various solutions and found that Mailtastic stood out for its versatility. The platform offers a range of options for marketing campaigns that are well suited to EQS Group's needs.

The fact that Mailtastic is a German provider with data centres hosted in the EU was another reason why the company chose Mailtastic.

The result

EQS Group was able to launch its first banner campaigns in a very short time. The onboarding process went smoothly and “the Mailtastic team was incredibly patient in helping us create the email banner templates until all our requirements were met,” says Rössler.

The team now runs email signature campaigns for a variety of purposes, including event teasers to raise awareness of upcoming conferences, as well as lead generation and employer branding.

“We like to promote new whitepapers, case studies or our social media channels. Next, we want to include some employee quotes in our email banners to help our HR team find new talent.”

"Essentially, we want to provide our colleagues with the best content so that they can share interesting and high-quality contributions with our customers, partners and potential new customers," explains Rössler.

And the results have been impressive.

This event banner received over 567,000 impressions in 6 weeks. On social media platforms, a similar campaign would cost around €3,200 to achieve a similar number of impressions.

Banner 1

The banner announcing the ECEC Roadshow received 567,104 impressions in 6 weeks. To compare, the average cost per 1,000 impressions on LinkedIn is approximately €5.62.

This email banner announcing the new website generated over 1,000 clicks in 12 weeks. To achieve the same results on social media, EQS Group would have had to invest around €4,500 in the campaign.

Banner 2

This banner campaign generated 1,034 clicks over 12 weeks. In comparison, on LinkedIn, companies typically pay around €4.48 per click.

One of the benefits EQS Group's marketing team appreciate most about the Mailtastic platform is the ability to customise each signature individually.

"We are a fairly large company and the fact that each market can have its own signature is fantastic. Even within the individual markets, we are able to create different sub-groups and assign specific content to them," says Rössler.

Carolin Bachmann, Marketing Manager at EQS Group, added: “For example, we have a colleague who works in both the Vienna and Munich offices and needs two signatures because he wants to display different contact information. With Mailtastic we can easily set this up so that he can always use the appropriate email signature.”

The Mailtastic Customer Success Team has also impressed EQS Group. “This year we restructured our signature and made some changes. As a result, the entire design of our email signature had to be changed. During this process, I received a lot of support from Rico, our Customer Success Manager. He answered all our questions and helped us create a signature that we are all happy with,” explains Bachmann.

The EQS Group marketing team has already benefited greatly from the implementation of Mailtastic. Events, whitepapers and webinars get even more attention using email signatures, making them the perfect complement to their other marketing channels.

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