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The first steps with email signature marketing

Lisa Holzhofer
01 January 2019

In your company, hundreds if not thousands of emails are written to your target group every day. With each of these emails you miss a piece of the big marketing cake - after all, you can display advertising banners in all these emails. Email signature marketing, as this type of advertising is called, is a very versatile tool with which you can support all your marketing activities. And don't worry: not only in B2B can you benefit from email signature marketing.

With email signature marketing you can:

  • Announce an event such as a trade fair participation or an award
  • Advertise a product
  • Generate visitors for blog posts
  • Draw attention to new whitepapers, case studies and e-books
  • Win viewers for your videos
  • Integrate further product information
  • Point out job offers

However, as in all areas, this also applies here: Every beginning is not always easy. Here are a few tips that will help you get started and help you use your email signature for your company.

Stick to Corporate Design

Every company has a more or less uniform corporate design - and this should also be considered when it comes to the design of the e-mail signature.In many companies, however, this is often not taken into account. Employees only receive specifications for the content of their email signature, but not for the design. This of course makes a similarly negative impression as if every employee had a different looking business card.

Ask yourself the most important questions before starting your campaign

As the Radicati Group found out in a study, every employee in a company sends an average of 38 emails a day. Each of these emails delivers at least one impression and/or click, depending on the objective - and each mail is a marketing opportunity.The email signature is also interesting for smaller companies: A company with only 30 employees could generate over 1,000 impressions per day for its advertising message, whereby not only impressions but also clicks are generated.If you want to use all these advantages for your company, you should ask yourself some questions first:

  • When should your first campaign start?
  • Which content is particularly important for you and which product, service or event should be the subject of your first campaign?
  • Which of your offers are so interesting for your recipients that they are highly likely to attract attention?
  • Is your offering something that should be distributed company-wide or should it be communicated only by individual departments?

Make yourself an email signature plan

Schritte-Signatur-Marketing 1

It is also highly recommended to create a kind of "content plan" for your email signature marketing, in which you record exactly which product or event is important to you and when you want to promote which product or event. This is no different with email signature marketing than with other marketing: only with solid planning can you effectively pursue your goals and measure your results.

Talk to the IT department!

Another important to-do when you start email signature marketing is to clarify the technical requirements with your IT. Even if the principle of email signature marketing is easy to understand, the implementation from a technical point of view is often not easy. It is therefore highly unlikely that it will work without the involvement of IT. The IT department, in turn, is often anything but enthusiastic about the new task because it involves considerable additional effort.Of course, this effort grows along with the requirements: For example, if you want to track the impressions and clicks for your advertising banners and measure your results, codes for the email signatures must be created and integrated into the e-mails - every time you run a new campaign. Even more difficult is when you want to assign different signatures to different departments and people.

Your uncomplicated alternative: Mailtastic

We have developed Mailtastic so that you can benefit from email signature marketing as quickly and easily as possible. With Mailtastic ...

  • turn your email signature into an effective marketing channel - everything according to German law and German data protection regulations
  • measure the results of your email signature campaigns and see the conversion and your success at any time
  • Display the right message in every department of your company - without IT help.

Tao Bauer Mailtastic

We advise you!

We help you to easily integrate Mailtastic into your daily work so that you can also benefit from signature marketing.


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