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How to maximize your marketing reach by leveraging email signatures

Social media, podcasts, and video formats are gaining popularity. However, the good old email still plays a crucial role in marketing when it comes to reaching and engaging target audiences.

It enables direct and personalized communication with your audience and as a result, email continues to be a cornerstone of marketers' strategies.

In this article, we'll look at:

  • Why emails are often more effective than other marketing channels. 
  • How marketers can utilise emails beyond newsletters and nurturing campaigns.
  • The role employee signatures play in omnichannel marketing.

Impressive email statistics

Email has one key advantage: it is used worldwide and across all age groups. Over 300 billion emails are sent every day, and a whopping 99% of people check their email inbox every day.

Emails are a vital part of our daily communication, both in professional and personal life. Consequently, email marketing often outperforms other channels:

High open rates:

The average email open rate ranges between 20 and 30%. In comparison, the average organic reach of Facebook posts is only about 6%. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

Direct communication:

Over 99% of users check their emails daily, making emails one of the most reliable ways to directly reach the target audience. (Source: Optinmonster)

Preferred communication channel:

55% of respondents indicate that they prefer emails as the primary communication method with companies. (Source: ConstantContact) 77% of B2B buyers prefer to be contacted via email. (Source:

Positive influence on purchase decisions:

59% of consumers state that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.
(Source: Optinmonster)
These insights demonstrate that emails remain effective in increasing audience interest and engagement.

While most people think of newsletters or nurturing campaigns when discussing email marketing, considering the statistics above highlights that even employees' emails can have a significant impact on customer retention and brand building.

How marketers can leverage email beyond newsletters

At first glance, email signatures may seem insignificant to marketers. However, when used correctly, they can support the success of your marketing campaigns. A well-designed, engaging, and attention-grabbing email signature can be a valuable way to deliver your message directly to the customer.

As mentioned, email is a channel that your target audience uses on a daily basis to receive and exchange information with companies.

All these aspects can be leveraged for email signatures. You can discreetly insert banners at the end of employees' personal emails to highlight products, content, or upcoming events, for example.


Turning email signatures into a marketing channel

When you insert a link or even a banner into your company's signature, email signatures become small marketing campaigns. Every sent email expands the reach of your campaigns.

Here are some examples of what you can promote in your signature:

1. Podcasts

If your company produces a podcast, your email signature is the perfect spot to promote new episodes. Include the episode name and a link to listen, helping to expand your audience and boost engagement with your brand.


2. Events

If your company is planning an event, you can promote it in your email signatures. With the event name, date, and a link to the registration page, you generate attention for the event and can increase the number of registrations and attendees.

2 Banner Examples Event and Webinar Campaigns_1 EN

3. Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to share expertise with the target audience and position your company as an expert. A link to the webinar registration page allows recipients to register with just one click.

2 Banner Examples Event and Webinar Campaigns_6 EN

4. Blogs/Whitepapers

If you create content in the form of blogs or whitepapers, you can effectively promote them in the email signature. Include a short teaser and a link to the full article or whitepaper in the signature to increase traffic to your website and strengthen your position as an industry expert.

3 Banner Examples Content Marketing_3 EN


Benefits of email signature marketing

What are the benefits of email signatures over other marketing channels? They allow you to send content directly to your target audience without being intrusive, thereby increasing reach, traffic, and conversions.

Here's an overview of the benefits of email signature marketing:

Increase the visibility of your content

Your content reaches more of your target audience. Utilize the space below your signature as an impactful advertising space that stands out in every email and stays memorable.

Increase engagement

When email recipients see interesting content in your signature, they become curious. This increases the likelihood that they will click on links or banners. Another important touchpoint in the customer journey.

Extend the reach of your campaigns

Your emails reach not only the recipient, but anyone else they forward it to. This means even more eyes on your message! 

Position your company as a thought leader

With relevant content in your emails signature, you can position your company as an expert in your industry. Additionally, a signature with high-quality content leaves a professional impression that strengthens trust in your company.

Add value to every email

You can provide additional value in every email without being intrusive. The recipient not only receives the actual email but also useful information that's relevant to them.

Place your message without competition

The space in the signature is yours. You don't have to invest in expensive advertising to get the attention of your target audience.

Dynamic banner delivery with Mailtastic

The content you promote in the signature should be relevant and useful to your target audience. This includes high-quality formats such as podcasts, whitepapers, or webinars, as well as short statements that address your target audience's pain points and lead to product or landing pages. This ensures that your customers derive real value from the email and positively remember your brand.


Extend your reach with email signature campaigns

Email signatures bring a new dimension to marketing. They provide a platform to effectively promote marketing content and increase the reach of your campaigns all without spending any additional budget.

With Mailtastic, you can centrally create signatures with banners for all employees. Design a signature once, upload the banners, and deploy the signature company-wide. From now on, every email sent will enhance your campaign success and marketing KPIs. 

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