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How to increase your sales with email signature marketing

Verena Vogt
01 January 2019

Turning a lead into a paying customer is a long process. Increase sales, too.Depending on where a lead is in the sales funnel and in which phase of the buyer's journey it is, the sales department must maintain contact with the prospective customer until he is ready to close the deal.In fact, there are always a few steps to closing the deal, the most important being interaction with the leads.As salespeople, business opportunities are created by those who work hard to prove value, build relationships and look beyond the box.Salespeople are responsible for conducting activities such as research, phone calls, sending prospect emails, tracking, sending relevant content, inviting prospects to events, and sending direct, personal emails.And speaking of direct email, with each employee sending about 600 emails a month, this is a gold mine that you can use to increase your sales efforts and build closer relationships with your prospects.But you might ask yourself: How can I use this employee email beyond the content I write?

The hidden power of email signature marketing.

At Mailtastic, we've worked hard to answer this question so you can get the full marketing power of your email signatures.With Mailtastic, you can create and manage email signatures for all employees easily, centrally and without additional effort, no matter which system you use.You can also add banners where you can use relevant content and call-to-action buttons to deliver more marketing messages. These help you direct your leads into the sales funnel by conducting more marketing campaigns, resulting in more opportunities to present your solution or product.With Mailtastic's MultiSignatures feature, you can even use multiple signatures with different campaign banners per employee. This allows you and your employees to select the campaign that best fits the recipient before sending the email.

Customize your email signature marketing strategy to the needs of your readers:

Depending on where your lead is on the Buyer's Journey, adjust the message so that it is always relevant to your recipient.

Buyers Jouney Unsatz steigern Mailtastic

In the awareness phase

If you are communicating with leads that are still in the awareness phase, you can add a banner with a link to your latest blog article, call-to-actions that give the reader more information on specific topics or tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your product or service.You can also create a banner with a link to your website or a specific landing page and invite the recipient to visit that page for more information. Your website or landing page that you link to should of course be optimized to take the visitor deeper into the sales funnel.This is an example of one of our own signatures with a call to download an article that we have published in our blog:

Banner Umsatz steigern E-Mail-Signatur-Marketing Mailtastic

In the Consideration Phase

For leads that are in the Consideration stage, your email signature banner may contain a case study that is a helpful resource for the viewer to learn more about.This is another example of one of our own signatures with a call to download a case study we created with one of our clients:

Umsatz steigern E-Mail-Signaturen Mailtastic

In the decision phase

Further down the funnel, in the decision phase, you need to give the leads the final selling point to close the deal. Here you can create a direct call-to-action banner to request a demo or get a free trial, or even giveaways, gift cards, discounts, or other special offers that encourage readers to trade.

Track, measure and optimize all your email signature marketing campaigns.

All these examples are about raising awareness and communicating something of real value to the reader - not just another sales pitch. There are some very simple ways to test how an employee's email signature could help you, such as a graphical call-to-action campaign in an employee's email signature to alert prospects to "request a demo" (as described above).Implementing call-to-action campaigns to get your recipients to read or download helpful resources, such as case studies or your current blog article, gives potential customers the opportunity to gather more information and resources to learn more about your service or product.New marketing offerings should be unique and short-lived campaigns. Try teasers like "this week only" or "for the next 48 hours". This way, the reader gets something special when they request a resource, sign up for an event, or give you 30 minutes to demo. It's up to you to make sure the content or demo is worth the time it gives you.With all this content, you can direct your recipients to a landing page that first asks for some basic information such as name, email address and company. By filling in short information, you can better qualify the leads. If the email recipients are concerned enough with your campaign to get to the landing page, they are at least fascinated by the resource you provide.

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