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Email signature banners drive 90% of traffic to Desoutter ecommerce portal

12 October 2020

Learn how Desoutter used Mailtastic to upsell to existing customers and increase their social reach.

The company

Desoutter is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial tools, serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations in over 170 countries. They offer efficient and sustainable solutions across the aerospace, automotive and heavy vehicles industries. 

The challenge

Desoutter created a new online service portal which provided a simpler way to re-order spare parts. Their challenge was to target existing customers with this new offering while maintaining their new customer acquisition efforts. 

The solution

Online Marketing specialist, Robin Igramhan, decided to add a new marketing channel into the mix: email signature marketing. By managing all employee signatures in one place and setting different email signatures for different departments, Robin was able to shout about this new service. 

And once the banners were set up and assigned to the team, 90% of traffic to the new portal came from employee email signatures. The sales team is also now able to change these signatures and promote products and services that are hyper-relevant to recipients. Essentially, it’s dedicated ad space, free from competition.

Desoutter case study

The results

  • By targeting specific audiences, Desoutter has achieved a 2.3% click-through rate (CTR) on industry-specific campaigns
  • 90% of traffic for the new services portal came from signature banners 
  • A LinkedIn awareness campaign saw 10% of clicks turn into followers 
  • Central management of every signature helps control Desoutter’s brand 

Desoutter case study

About Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the  #1 email signature marketing platform, allowing you to turn your employee email signatures into ad space. Supercharge your reach with email banners that plug your latest content, event or offer and create measurable campaigns for different audiences. Meanwhile, take control of your brand with central management of every email signature and in-built compliance.

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