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Marketing trends that you can use to increase retention with prospects

Develop, adapt or die.These expressions sound beautiful and are really meaningful.But they mean one and the same thing: you always have to be innovative and adopt the latest technologies if you want to stay on the ball and not lose out to the competition.This is extremely relevant for us marketers. You see, marketing trends change all the time. To stay competitive with your company's marketing strategy, you must constantly try out new techniques and keep up with market trends.In this article, we highlight some effective marketing trends that you should try out to increase loyalty to your prospects.

Personalized approach

A generic email indicates that your product is also generic. This requires some research before you send an email to a prospect, but it pays if a prospect doesn't ignore your email for that reason.Instead of an email with a subject like "Let's meet", try a personal approach: "I like what you did at company X. I like what you did at company X. I like what you did at company X. Let's meet and talk about it".Spend some time on Linkedin or Xing, research more information about your leads, find out what's most important to them, and relate your product to the most discussed interests and needs of their potential customers.

Keep the marketing personal

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This is a continuation of the first technique above.I personally LOVE receiving letters in my mailbox. And I'm not talking about endless bills.It's about the forgotten art of "taking the time to write someone a personal message".I'm sure you'll also be thrilled if you receive such a rare letter.Emails are great, powerful and practical. But they lack the personal aspect of handwritten letters.Try sending your customers personalized, handwritten letters from time to time. You will never forget it and a 100% opening rate is guaranteed!But you can still use e-mails with the same effect. By making the contact more friendly and less formal, you can stay ahead of the competition. For example, in your email, try inviting your customers to visit you in your office and have lunch together instead of just planning another call.

Visual storytelling

People online have a very short attention span. So you'd rather watch a short video about your business than read a few paragraphs that serve the same purpose.That's why videos are an exploding trend for different industries.Companies share their stories through short video clips to help prospects build a personal connection to the brand. Whether it's a product demo recording or a recruiting campaign, videos contain a personal element that can't be replicated by text.Here is a short video about us at Mailtastic:

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This follows the trend of visual storytelling.In fact, many people looking for information on a specific topic or out of pure interest in your product or service would rather attend a webinar than read long sales pages. In this webinar you can explain in detail what you are doing and how you can help prospects solve their problems. At the end of the webinar they can even ask you direct questions.Therefore, webinars are an effective way to exchange information about your product in a didactic way.You can also get in touch with your viewers later, send them your presentation by email, ask them questions, get feedback ... which creates a personal approach that makes marketing more effective. See how it's all connected?


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Podcasts are nothing new. But their potential is rarely used by marketers. Maybe you're wondering how you can regularly make a podcast when you sell physical products or technical software.Well, you can turn your blog articles or case studies into podcasts by reading them aloud.As I said about the attention span online, many of your prospects would rather hear your articles in their car on the way to work than read them in the office or bathroom!If you don't have a blog or case studies yet, now is the best time to get started!Content marketing is of paramount importance because it allows you to share relevant information directly with your readers, depending on where they are on the Buyer's Journey, so you can move them further in the sales funnel and turn them into paying customers.

Email Signature Marketing

Employees send an average of 600 emails per month!Imagine you can use these emails to spread prospect marketing campaigns.Most emails are read by their recipients, so you can use a marketing banner in your signature with a call-to-action to your service, your current webinar, your case study, your latest blog article or even vacancies for recruiting a very effective way to increase potential engagement.In this way, marketers can get millions of impressions of their content in every email sent.That's a powerful channel!

As you read in this article, you must always be on top and move forward by constantly exploring new techniques, looking for new marketing trends, and trying out new ways to further build loyalty with your prospects and customers.

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