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Get the full marketing power from your employees‘ email signatures

Verena Vogt
01 January 2019

For most companies, email is the most important means of communication. Management and employees send approximately 600 emails per month and each email is a way to increase brand awareness and loyalty.So the question is: Do you use the thousands of emails that each of your employees sends each year directly to prospects, customers, suppliers, investors, industry influencers and partners?Why not use this powerful, underestimated channel of email signatures to promote your newsletter, success stories, blog articles, case studies, projects, events, job opportunities, trade shows, corporate news, product launches, promotions and new, diverse offers?

How can the unused power of employee email be used to convey valuable marketing and brand messages?

Now that we have recognized the importance of employee email to a company, how can we use this powerful tool as a new marketing channel? The answer is in your email signature.By personalizing your email signature to deliver powerful, customized messages to the recipient of the email, you open up a whole new world of ways to increase brand awareness and conduct personalized marketing campaigns.At Mailtastic, we help you realize the full marketing potential of your email signature to achieve a true marketing ROI by transforming your employees' daily email traffic into a powerful marketing channel and increasing conversions.

Practical examples for optimized email signature marketing

With software like Mailtastic, you can create clever banners and signatures to promote many aspects of your business.You can even create different signatures and banners optimized for different recipients of your emails!With email signature marketing, there are virtually no limits to what you can do.

Here are some ways you can use email signature marketing to your advantage:

Using examples from happy Mailtastic customers, some email signature banners are used here to promote various marketing goals and business goals:


Are you looking for a special talent?Why don't you advertise your current job offers in the email signature of your personnel department?

Karriere E-Mail-Signaturen Banner

Lions & Gazelles

Product launches:

The new collection has finally arrived. Let the world know.

Neuer Katalog Banner E-Mail-Signaturen


Blog posts:

Content is King. But content must be promoted. What could be better than disseminating the information in your email signature?

Kunde sauer Kundenservice Banner E-Mail-Signatur


Case studies, ebooks, white papers, infographics:

The content is not limited to your blog. In fact, you need to diversify your content strategy and adapt to the different stages of the Buyers Journey. Creating content like ebooks, case studies and the like takes a lot of time and effort.That's why you need to make this valuable information known to your target audience.Using your email signature is a good way to reach this audience.

Kluge Köpfe Banner E-Mail-Signaturen

Safari Consulting GmbH


Do you have an impressive portfolio to show the world? Link it in your email signature with an eye-catching banner!

Projekt Galerie Banner E-Mail-Signaturen

Malermeister Mirko Knobloch


People tend to search and read reviews online more and more often before buying. When you ask your customers to rate your business, you get great feedback.

Bewertung Banner E-Mail-Signaturen

Malermeister Mirko Knobloch


Do you organise a sales event or an annual company event? Or maybe a marketing seminar? Inform everyone with whom your employees are in contact via email!

Events Banner E-Mail-Signaturen

Insight europe

Sales promotions and special offers:

Special offers are a good way to increase sales or advertise seasonal items.With a dedicated banner in the email signatures of your sales team, you can ensure that your offer is shown to its best advantage.

Summer Sale Banner E-Mail-Signaturen


Test periods:

Allowing your prospects to test your service or software for free before purchasing it is very important to convert the leads that still have questions and doubts.Promote your offer in your email signature.

Maschinenfüße Banner E-Mail-Signaturen



Organizing a webinar takes time and you want to make sure that you reach the maximum number of participants. Using your email signature to promote this webinar is a very effective way to disseminate the information.

Webinar Banner E-Mail-Signaturen

Applabs GmbH

Simple classic corporate advertising:

You don't always have to advertise a product, an event or a special promotion. A nice banner with your corporate colors and a link to your website is also an elegant and effective way to take your email signature to the next level.

Möbel nach Mass Banner E-Mail-Signaturen


These are some examples of how you can use your email signature to promote your business and add a strong marketing channel to your arsenal.The possibilities are endless. The Sky is the Limit.

Tao Bauer Demo

We advise you personally!

The email signatures are a powerful tool for every company. Use it for the benefit of your brand by releasing the full power of your email signature.


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