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Email signatures are boring as hell. We get it. You just want them to work and forget they exist.  So we created an end-to-end email signature guide so you can do just that.

You’re one of us now. That’s because you’re ready to take the plunge with an email signature marketing platform. The good news is, it’s gonna be a game changer. The bad news is, you’ve still got umpte[...]


If marketing is bread, email is butter. But with hundreds of billions of emails sent every day, starting your email marketing journey can be overwhelming. What do you need to get buy-in from your boss[...]

During the Marketing Rebels series, we'll be interviewing B2B leaders who are tearing up traditional marketing playbooks. Best of all, they'll be discussing actionable, real-world insights you can ste[...]

5 things to expect from this blog Learn why comparing content marketing in long and short sales cycles is more helpful than comparing B2C and B2B. Discover how B2C and B2B content strategies cater to [...]

Ah, the email signature. A footnote on your professional life when it works. And a bloody nightmare when it doesn’t. But whether you’re using the Outlook 365 web or desktop app, we’ve got you covered.[...]


Even in the age of SEO, targeted ads and strategic lead capture, marketing still has its very own flat earthers. Yes, the B2B space is choc-a-block with marketing atheists who refuse to believe in its[...]

Starting your B2B content marketing journey is tough. Is it a case of locking yourself in the garden shed and writing three blogs a day until your arthritic fingers give out? Or should you take a more[...]

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