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Email signatures are primarily known from personal correspondence. A signature at the end of an email not only has the advantage of providing necessary information such as contact data, but also conve[...]


In your company, hundreds if not thousands of emails are written to your target group every day. With each of these emails you miss a piece of the big marketing cake - after all, you can display adver[...]

Every marketer asks this question: How do you turn leads into customers?You create lead generation forms on your website and landing pages, create targeted online ads and the leads come.But converting[...]

Email signature marketing is popular: More and more companies are using attention-grabbing banners in their email signatures to draw attention to their offerings. But what is email signature marketing[...]

If you work in marketing for a B2B company, you will certainly have read and heard it countless times: Content marketing is THE marketing trend - especially in the B2B sector. And most likely you will[...]

For most companies, email is the most important means of communication. Management and employees send approximately 600 emails per month and each email is a way to increase brand awareness and loyalty[...]


Turning a lead into a paying customer is a long process. Increase sales, too.Depending on where a lead is in the sales funnel and in which phase of the buyer's journey it is, the sales department must[...]


Develop, adapt or die.These expressions sound beautiful and are really meaningful.But they mean one and the same thing: you always have to be innovative and adopt the latest technologies if you want t[...]

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