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How Spindler got 106,000 email banner impressions in a month with Mailtastic

See how Spindler sorted out their email signatures, before turning them into a weapon for sales.

The company

With a total of eleven business premises in Germany and around 630 employees, the Spindler car dealership group is one of the largest automobile trading companies in Mainfranken. 

Its main business activity is the exclusive distribution and service of the Audi, Volkswagen, VW commercial vehicles, ŠKODA, SEAT and Cupra brands.

The challenge

For Daniel Weigel, Spindler’s Digital Media Specialist, the time had come to take the next step in the company’s digital marketing journey. 

And creating a unified corporate identity was his main objective. Key to this was the professionalisation of the organisation’s email signatures.

“The topic of signatures was already on our agenda, but hadn’t been properly resolved. Employees had different signatures and there was nothing in place that allowed us to control our brand,” he says. 

But Daniel wanted more than just brand consistency. He recognised the potential to use employee email signatures as ad space. 

There they could use email banner ads to drive traffic to Spindler products and events. They could also generate more sales opportunities.

To do that though, he needed a solution he could trust. 

The solution

Daniel tells us: 

spindler case study

But the first step was to clean Spindler’s data.

Then, as Daniel notes:

“We needed to decide which banners we should use to communicate relevant content to our customers. Mailtastic helped us create tailored email signature banner campaigns at scale.”

Today, Mailtastic is a regular campaign management tool for Spindler and email signatures are seen as a significant marketing channel.

The results

With Mailtastic, Spindler:

  • Professionalised employee email signatures
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Established a consistent data management system
  • Achieved 106,000 email banner impressions in a month 
  • Generated more sales 

Daniel summarises: 

spindler case study

“This is because click through rates tell us which brands and themes are most important to them. 

“As a result, we can identify trends efficiently and act on them. It also helps us develop the wider company strategy.” 

About Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the #1 email signature marketing platform, allowing you to turn your employee email signatures into ad space. 

Supercharge your reach with email banners that plug your latest content, event or offer and create measurable campaigns for different audiences. 

Meanwhile, take control of your brand with central management of every email signature and in-built compliance. 

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