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How email signature marketing overtook email marketing at Suthor

The company

Suthor is a leader in the production of promotional, festive and decorative paper products. 

The company, headquartered in Germany, supplies customers from various industries throughout Europe and communicates with them predominantly by email. 

We spoke with Lars Bühler, the company’s Marketing Leader, to discuss his experience with Mailtastic.

The challenge

Lars discovered Mailtastic through a Facebook ad. 

“Before I knew about Mailtastic, I didn’t think about using email signatures as a marketing tool. As we send hundreds of thousands of emails every year, it was a no-brainer to start.

“The challenge we faced was supporting the marketing team with the right platform. We were also clear that anything we invested in had to improve our efficiency.” 

The solution

With Mailtastic, Suthor was able to use emails as an extra engagement source. They could reach their customers in a new way to keep them engaged with active campaigns.

“The onboarding was simple,” says Lars. “All employees understood how to use the software quickly. They now insert banners in their emails that are tailored for each customer. In this way, customers in France can quickly advertise the latest product in French. With just a few clicks, the Oktoberfest banner can then be used for the German customer.”

Lars also speaks highly of Mailtastic's analytics. 👇

Suthor Case Study Quote 2

“The response times at Mailtastic are great,” adds Lars. No matter what requests we had, they were resolved immediately. Most importantly, Mailtastic built custom functionality for us to meet our multilingual requirements.”

The results

  • Gives fast ROI
  • Delivers better results than newsletter email marketing 
  • Provides significantly higher conversion rates compared to other channels

Lars adds: 👇 

Suthor Case Study Quote 1

About Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the  #1 email signature marketing platform, allowing you to turn your employee email signatures into ad space. Supercharge your reach with email banners that plug your latest content, event or offer and create measurable campaigns for different audiences. Meanwhile, take control of your brand with central management of every email signature and in-built compliance.

To see what you could achieve with Mailtastic, speak to our sales team 👇

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