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Lead generation: how to turn leads into customers

Verena Vogt
01 January 2019

Every marketer asks this question: How do you turn leads into customers?You create lead generation forms on your website and landing pages, create targeted online ads and the leads come.But converting from lead to paying customer isn't as easy as you thought.Why? What have you done wrong? How can you optimize your lead generation funnel to complete these leads?First, you need to know that people don't convert immediately. Some are exposed to multiple points of contact with your brand before making a purchase decision.Many others don't even see your beautifully designed, well-written, highly targeted online ads because they use an ad blocker.That's why you need to pay attention to every phase of your marketing funnel.Each component of your digital marketing is another way to capture and convert leads.

Lead Generation Strategy: Some effective ways to route leads further into your funnel:


Make sure that all collected leads are actually Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL).

You should determine who your target customers are and make sure that the leads you collect meet that target group and the criteria you set.Not every lead is a Marketing Qualified Lead.Use your lead generation forms to collect job titles, industry, company size, and any other information you can use to segment strong leads and communicate effectively with them.Don't hesitate to ask for the information you need as it is necessary to segment your leads accurately and provide them with information based on their profiles.

Optimize your lead-nurturing email sequences

We all know how important it is to have an appealing, attention-grabbing email subject to convince someone to open your email at all.The content of the email must match the segmented leads and provide them with valuable information that might be of interest to them.But an email is more than just the subject and the core content: your email signature is also part of it!The email signature is a very powerful, unused asset that you can use to push leads further into your funnel without being intrusive. Invite people to download your free e-book, register for your upcoming webinar, subscribe to your monthly newsletter, view your summer collection, take advantage of a free offer ...The possibilities are endless.This can be a very effective way to win and convert qualified leads that are not yet ready to buy.How many emails do you and your colleagues and employees send each day to different people?Each email is a way to promote your brand with personalized messages or offers depending on the interviewer.At Mailtastic, we help you unlock the full marketing potential of your email signatures to achieve a true marketing ROI. We transform your employees' daily email traffic into a powerful marketing channel and optimize conversions.

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Do you also want to effectively convert leads into customers?

With targeted signature advertising, you create a high level of attention and support the sales process in the long term.


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