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5 reasons why you must use email signatures for marketing campaigns

Email signatures are a vital cog in the wheel of any successful marketing campaign.

They are far from simply being a place to sign your name at the end of an email.


They're a highly valuable B2B marketing channel.

And they should be included in every campaign you run.

They can help to boost brand identity, increase engagement and generate new leads.

But often, the small and unassuming email signature gets forgotten.

Whereas lots of time and effort goes into social media, email newsletters and websites.

This is a big mistake!


People are starting to cotton onto the fact that the email signature is worth paying attention to.

And so B2B marketing campaigns are featuring email signatures more and more.

In fact:

62% of businesses are now using email signature marketing.

So you don’t want to get left behind!

But why exactly are they so great? What’s all the fuss about?


There’s a whole host of reasons why you should use email signatures as part of your marketing campaigns.

But we’ve whittled them down to our top 5.

Read on to find out what they are…


1 - They allow your campaigns to reach more people

Everybody sends emails.

The number of professional emails sent and received each day is gargantuan.  

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your email signature will be seen by a pretty big audience.


If your signature features current marketing messaging, this will mean it reaches every one of your email contacts.

And each email you send out in turn becomes an extension of your marketing campaign.

That way:

Even if the email you are sending doesn’t directly relate to your current business goal, your signature will.

So every single one of your corporate comms will contribute to your marketing goals.

It’s also worth pointing out:

The onward travel of emails makes a big difference too.

Every time an email gets forwarded, your marketing collateral reaches even more people.

So make it count!

Check out this blog on engaging your customers with email signature marketing, another from Mailtastic.


2 - They’re versatile

Another huge benefit to including email signatures in your marketing campaigns is:

Their versatility!

Whatever your current business goal is, you can create an email signature which:

  1. Reflects it
  2. Helps you to achieve it

Your email signature can differ depending on what you want to gain from it.

For example:

If you’re sending out a cold email to a new prospect, your email signature could pique their interest by inviting them to book a product demo.

If, however, you’re emailing a long-standing client, you could boost loyalty by asking them to write a testimonial or refer a friend.

Or, if you’re on a recruitment drive, you could use your email signature to advertise a job vacancy.

The possibilities are endless!

For more information about this, check out Mailtastic’s blog on using email signatures in recipient-based campaigns.


3 - They’re cost-effective

This is a huge draw:

Email signature marketing costs next to nothing to set up.

Both financially, and in terms of time and energy.


Its ROI is immense.

(As long as you do it right!)

Email signatures truly are a winning combination:

Easy yet endlessly effective.

With only a small amount of output from you, well-crafted email signatures with strong CTAs can:

  • Increase sales.
  • Generate leads.
  • Encourage long-term engagement via your social channels.

To name but a few!

They’re therefore a really low-cost and high-reward marketing channel.

This is because they add selling potential to every single email you send out.

And that’s priceless.

Want to make sure you’re hitting all the right notes? Check out our guide to email signature best practices.


4 - They help you learn

This is another huge plus:

Email signatures as part of a marketing campaign are not just a one-hit-wonder.


They give you insights which can then inform and improve future campaigns.

So their success can keep on rolling!

This is due to the fact that:

Email signature marketing is very easily measurable.

You can study metrics such as open rates and click-through rates in detail.

And from this, you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

Armed with this knowledge, you can plan future campaigns equipped with all the tools you need for success.


Not only are email signatures great for your current campaign, but future marketing efforts too.

And who can argue with that?


5 - They’re highly personalised

And last but not least:

You should use email signatures in your marketing campaigns because of how personalised they are.

Email signature marketing allows you to target your messaging more specifically than with other marketing channels.

With an email signature, you can know:

  • Who will be reading your email.
  • At what time they will be reading it.
  • In what context it will be read (i.e. what the rest of the email contains).

This allows you to tailor your messaging precisely to their needs.

If you employ different signatures depending on your recipient and their stage in the buyer’s journey, your messaging will always resonate with them.

And this will mean great results.

As well as personalising your signature according to the recipient, you can also vary it according to what department you work in.

Don’t miss our article on optimising email signatures depending on your role. 

And check out our collection of 22 eye-catching email signature for every industry.

Here’s hoping this has swayed you in favour of the email signature, and why you should include it in your marketing campaigns.

There’s no denying the benefits.

So what are you waiting for?

Welcome the email signature into your marketing campaign fold.

You won’t look back!

And if you want more info on email signature marketing, bookmark the Mailtastic blog.

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