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5 killer B2B email marketing examples you should steal

Carefully crafted outbound emails are a finely honed skill. But once you master it, uninterested prospects and cold leads will be a thing of the past! 

So how do you become a B2B email marketing wizard? 

We might not be able to offer you magic spells and Butterbeer, but here at Mailtastic we can do even better:

Tried and true examples that worked for the world’s best all-in-one globally compliant prospecting company, Cognism.

Now, isn’t that the exact wizardry you’ve been waiting for? 

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best B2B emails sent out by Cognism's expert sales team to discover why they worked and how they can help you create a fantastic sales email strategy of your own.  

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B2B email marketing examples

Intro emails | Follow-up emails | Freebie emails | Break-up emails | Rekindle nurture emails 

Intro emails

B2B email marketing examplesB2B email marketing examples

You’ve only got one shot. 

Two sentences is all it takes to pique your prospect’s interest and get them to continue reading. 

This kind of makes your introductory email the most important B2B marketing mail you’ll ever write. 

You’re going to have to find a way to introduce yourself and explain why you’re reaching out and can add value to your prospect in a way that comes across both creative and informative without being too focused on selling. 

Tough, but doable as you can see from the example above. 

Oscar Frost, Cognism’s SEO and Contact Executive, formally a successful Customer Success Manager has this advice to offer:

"Make your automated emails look as personal as possible. The more automated it looks, the less people care."

Why this email does well: 

It’s informative, it’s snappy and it’s personalised. 

Take inspiration by referring to your prospects first name and company name and make sure to include a clear CTA. For added oomph, try to keep your introductory email a bit shorter. 60 words is a benchmark to hit for the best click-through rates.

Follow-up emails

B2B email marketing examples

Haven’t heard back from your prospect after your introductory email?

No worries, that’s where the follow-up email comes in. To jog their memory and provide a little more context as to how much value your product can add to their company. 

Cognism found that a follow-up email with a subject line that doubles as a CTA or is short and concise had great open rates. You can use something like:

  • Following up
  • Scheduling our call
  • Meeting request 

Liam Bartholomew, Cognism's Global Head of Demand Generation adds:

"Provide value and lead with a prospect centric message. No one wants to read a sales pitch, keep it focused on pain points and provide value. Mentioning pain points and then going into a sales pitch also isn’t enough."

Why this example did well:

It’s short and offers useful resources or advice. 

Freebie emails

B2B email marketing examplesB2B email marketing examples

Free advice, eBooks and more...

What’s not to love?

When a prospect opens an outbound email to discover a freebie that gives them value, they’re more likely to remember you and engage in the future. 

When a prospect downloads a freebie from your site?

Even better! 

It opens up the chance to engage when them, rather than the other way around and those leads can then be entered straight into the funnel. 

This normally starts with drip email marketing.

This is where your prospect needs more time to get to know you and your product before being sent over to sales. 

To keep your prospect engaged you’ll send them emails offering something of value like a free guide so when the time comes to make the sale, it’s as easy as:

Liam says the following regarding tech campaigns: 

"We like to use Cognism’s own story as a successful tech company to relate to prospects. By providing information we know they will find useful we build rapport with the prospect, so when they are called by sales they already know who we are and all about our product."

Why it works:

There are questions creating engagement, it’s well written and offers value with a clear call to action.

Break-up emails

B2B email marketing examples

The break-up email. We’re sure you’ve all been there. We sure have! 

No hard feelings, everyone has to send them at some point, but maybe not for your personal relationships… Let’s keep this professional. 

If you haven’t received a response to your cadence you can give it one more shot with a short email letting them know you’re done trying to connect. 

Why it works:

It’s short and cuts straight to the point.

This means your prospect will be more likely to read it. And by asking your prospect to follow you on social media, you’re creating one last opportunity for engagement. 

Bonus tip

Liam says you might find that your issue isn’t your sequence, but your data.: 

"Check your data because you’re only ever as good as your data with email, so if it's very old or inaccurate you won’t get the results you want no matter how good your email is!"

Rekindle nurture emails

B2B email marketing examplesB2B email marketing examples

What do you do with all those leads that seemed so promising but never worked out? 

You try to win them back with a rekindle nurture sequence of course!

You can convert 45% of your lost leads with a simple email offering a discount or a special gift to rekindle the relationship. 

Why it works:

It’s short and sweet, offering your cold lead the incentive to think about working with you again. 

“Rekindle nurtures are great to fix a ‘leaky bucket’ of leads. You’re reducing the barrier to entry by getting people back on board with something more enticing than a free demo. For example, at Cognism we offer 25 free leads.” - Liam

Throughout these five examples, three key points have been mentioned over and over:  

Keep it short, add value and personalise your marketing emails for a winning sales strategy.

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