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The best email signature marketing platforms (in 2020)

26 August 2020

You’re one of us now. That’s because you’re ready to take the plunge with an email signature marketing platform. The good news is, it’s gonna be a game changer. The bad news is, you’ve still got umpteen options to choose from.

But we're not gonna make you read this whole blog to find out which is right for you. God forbid. So before you start, think about your budget. Also think about what you actually need an email signature marketing platform for. Then check out the key takeaways below and skim through the players that fit the bill...

Email signature marketing: The contenders

  • HubSpot & Drift are best suited to small teams and budgets. But the latter adds more marketing value.
  • Mailtastic, Terminus, Opensense, Newoldstamp, Xink & Templafy combine email signature marketing and email signature management in one platform. With plenty of integrations to choose from, they're ideal for big businesses using multiple email systems. And they can help you realise major revenue gains.
  • CodeTwo provides marketing and management but only for the 365 suite. They’re probably the best bet for Microsoft evangelists.
  • Wisestamp & Exclaimer are perfect for enterprise-wide signature management. But they don’t focus on email signature marketing. So if you’re just after more brand control and consistency, they’re your guys. 


Kendrick told us to be humble. We ignored him. So here we are, up first…

The benefits of Mailtastic’s platform are two-fold. One, you can centrally manage all employee signatures from one place. That’s great for brand consistency and GDPR compliance. Two, you can create measurable email signature banner campaigns on pretty much any email system you want. These help serve up relevant content, offers, events & more to audiences you want to target. 

In-built metrics like impressions and click-through rate (CTR) mean you can review the performance of your campaigns. Then you can tweak your messaging to boost conversions. Our customer success team will also help you switch-up your email signature marketing tactics, using sender and recipient-based campaigns to get the best results. Best of all, we recently released a free version of Mailtastic. That means you can try before you buy. 

Terminus (formerly Sigstr)

What once was Sigstr is now Terminus Email Experiences. And like with most email signature marketing players, you can run multiple banner campaigns at the same time. You can also access pinpoint audience targeting as standard. 

But Terminus takes its ABM functionality to the next level. With opportunity stage email signature marketing campaigns, users can push “stage-specific” ad campaigns to prospects through the funnel. Nifty.


Opensense is an end-to-end email signature marketing platform. It ticks every box on brand management too, boasting “beautiful email signatures on every device”. It also offers a host of integrations including HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo & more. 

Before this article, Opensense was also the only email signature marketing platform to list competitors on its site. Sorry guys. Helpfully though, they offer comparison tables with other big players in the space. These include the likes Exclaimer, CodeTwo, WiseStamp & more.


Newoldstamp gets the job done. If you’re a freelancer looking to make your personal brand crisper or you’re looking to sort your whole team’s email signatures out, they’ve got your back. 

Like Mailtastic, Newoldstamp also frees you up from design and tech teams and puts email signature marketing back in your hands. And with a recommendation from Forbes, it’s a platform worth considering. 


Why bother designing your own email signature banners when you can steal ones that work? Wisestamp gives you the chance to do that and more. With their free email signature generator, you can be up and running with a slick set of signatures in matter of clicks. 

They’ve also got loads of helpful email signature how-to guides to de-stress your experience. But if it’s marketing functionality you’re after, there are better alternatives. For Wisestamp, the focus is management. And it does that well.


Exclaimer centres its offering around the Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua of the email world: Outlook and Gmail. But like Wisestamp, email signature management is the key focus of its functionality.

Although you could use it for email signature marketing campaigns, it won’t give you the granular insights the likes of Terminus, Opensense and Mailtastic can. That said, Exclaimer has great reviews on G2, so it’s still worth a look.


Xink hits all the key features of a good email signature marketing platform. It lets you take control of your brand. Then it lets you measure the impact of email banner campaigns you create. 

Integrating with Microsoft 365 and G Suite, Xink also offers a 14-day free trial. So you can get a good idea of how the platform will work for your business before splashing the cash.


These guys have thought of everything. Which isn’t annoying at all. In a similar vein to their top tier templates, HubSpot’s email signature generator adds value. And for free. 

But HubSpot’s platform is probably best for individuals and small teams looking to get a handle on their email signatures. That’s because you’re not gonna get campaign analytics at scale. Nor will you get the advanced audience targeting several competitors provide.


Templafy’s Email Signature Manager sits alongside a tonne of great template management tools in the company’s library. It provides an enterprise-wide solution, ticking every box on compliance and security. And the marketing functionality is there too. 

With Templafy, you get multiple email signatures per user. And you can easily manage email signature campaigns in a clean dashboard.


As a Gold Partner, CodeTwo has Microsoft 365 signatures on lockdown. It provides central email signature management as standard and allows you to automate email signature marketing campaigns. All in a secure, compliant environment.

As you’d expect, you can track the impact of your email banners with in-built analytics. Admins can also choose to either create rules for email signature consistency or put the power into individual users’ hands.


B2B marketing cool kids got themselves in on the email signature marketing game in 2018. While offering similar management x marketing functionality as other players, Drift promises its tool is “100% free”. And its email signature playbook gives Drift admins complete control over company signatures.

With a seamless integration with Gmail, Drift is certainly a no budget contender to be reckoned with. And you can simply troubleshoot any issues you have with the platform in the Drift Help Centre.

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