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How to boost your sales with email signature marketing

Lisa Holzhofer
01 January 2019

The transition between marketing and sales is often fluent. After all, both areas ultimately have the same goal: to sell more of your products and services. Your email signature can provide you with valuable services. With an eye-catching banner in your email footer, you can point out your most important products, generate more attention for your products and services - and ultimately sell more.

Email plays a major role in sales in particular. In order to convince your potential customers, sales representatives not only have to present their products on the phone or in person, but also send a large number of emails.Even an average employee sends around 38 emails a day. In sales, which is permanently in contact with customers, this number is likely to be even higher.Wouldn't it make sense to add powerful marketing functionalities to the numerous emails that are sent daily in the sales department anyway in order to make them even more useful for sales? This is no longer a problem today: with modern email signature marketing software such as Mailtastic, this is possible without complications!

With email signatures you can realize a number of advantages for your sales department

But what is email signature marketing anyway? In short, it is a certain form of marketing in which you receive impressions and clicks through a professional display of the signature and attention-grabbing banners in the signatures of your employees, and thus attention for your marketing. If you want to learn more about email signature marketing or have questions, we recommend this article.This type of marketing now opens up a number of application possibilities for sales. In our article on e-commerce, we have already shown how online shops in particular can benefit from email signature marketing. These possibilities are, of course, also valid for many other forms of business in a very similar form. With email signature marketing you can:

  • Sell more of your products: In your signature you can advertise your bestsellers.
  • Support sales, offer additional products as part of cross-selling or offer higher-value products as part of upselling.
  • Test your chances of selling: Even before a product is launched, you can determine how high your chances of selling it are by advertising it in your email signature and using the number of clicks to better assess whether and how high the interest in the product will be.
  • Link to your social media presence and stay in touch with your customers.Show positive product reviews and increase potential customers' trust in your products and services.
  • Increase your brand awareness: By using representative banners to draw attention to your awards, achievements or prizes received, you strengthen confidence in your company and your products.
  • Integrate additional product information and deepen your potential customer's understanding of your product.
  • Let satisfied customers talk about the benefits of your products: Testimonials are among the most effective confidence-building measures and also support you in your sales and marketing.

But even beyond that, there are many ways to give your sales force an extra boost with email signature marketing.

Make your participation in trade fairs and events known

Referring to participation in trade shows and events is one of the most well-known and popular uses of email signature marketing. And especially the sales department can profit from it. After all, personal contact with your customers is an important contact point for sales, helping you to convince your potential customers.

Understand the requirements of your customers

Similar to cross-selling or product testing, email signature can also help you identify the needs of your customers. If, for example, you sell mobile phones and place an advertising banner for mobile phone covers in your email signature, you can use the clicks to see whether your customers have an interest in it or a need for it. In this way, you can either cross-sell using your signature or find out what your cross-selling needs are.


Make your objection handling easier for yourself

Why wait for the customer to raise his objections in conversation? With great certainty you already know the most frequent objections of your customers - and can encounter them in your email signature even before they are generated by them. A good possibility is, for example, a paper in which you explain in detail a possible objection and link to it from your email signature. If you know, for example, that a frequent objection is your price, you can explain in the paper exactly why your product is worth every single cent.

Support the entire sales cycle

Of course, you can also refer in your signature to other texts that are useful to you in sales. Depending on the level of the customer journey your potential customer is at, you can, for example, provide background information on the product you want to sell.For example, you can assign banners to the signatures of the pre-sales staff that refer to whitepapers with background information that show what problems your product is solving. Your potential customers will then use this information to see for themselves that they have the problem and that your product is solving it.The signatures of the sales team in turn can refer to detailed background information on the product. Your customer already knows from the pre-sales information that he has a certain problem and can now solve it with your product. At this stage of the customer journey, he now wants more information to convince himself that it is also the best solution for his problem.The after-sales team, on the other hand, can use their signatures to refer to additional products and service offerings related to your product.

Promote your sales through content

sales email signatures

But you can also point out information with application scenarios that open the eyes of your potential customers to the versatility of your product. No matter what kind of content helps you in sales: With email signature marketing you have an additional opportunity to attract attention to your offer.The advantage: The email signatures of your employees are often seen more often than your website. And they can regularly change your message and place what is current for you. So it doesn't matter whether you refer to an event, a discount, a case study, a reference or an award: Your email signature is a contact point that you can use effectively for your individual goals!


So you see: Your email signature can support you in your sales. From the needs analysis to the objection handling to the conclusion, you can benefit from an attention-grabbing banner in your signature and use it to boost your sales.The fastest and easiest way to do this is with Mailtastic. The solution has been developed so that you can turn your email signature into a real marketing tool that supports you in selling your products.With Mailtastic, you can effortlessly create your own email signatures for your company and integrate marketing banners with almost no help from IT. You can then track clicks and impressions for your banners on a central dashboard. Test Mailtastic for 14 days free of charge and without obligation to convince yourself of the functions of the tool!

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