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Email Marketing

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How to maximize your marketing reach by leveraging email signatures
Discover why email remains a powerful marketing channel and how you can use email signatures to elevate your marketing campaigns.
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023_Resource card
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023
Find the best email signature management software. Reviews, comparison, pricing, and must-have features to look for when choosing a tool.
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Test it, nail it, scale it: Rolling out personalised email campaigns with Mailtastic
Read how Roche uses Mailtastic to take their customer engagement to the next level.

Email Signature Marketing

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Study insights: How email signatures can positively impact marketing
How do banners in email signatures affect recipients? We talk to Mate Juric from UX Lab Zadar about the results of the eye-tracking study.
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How TELE Haase manages their signatures and uses campaign banners - without any IT involvement
Read how TELE Haase reduces and simplifies the time required to manage email signatures and utilises signature banners as marketing space.
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From copying & pasting signatures to centralising the entire signature management process
Read how Climedo has simplified the management of email signatures for the marketing team and successfully promotes webinars with signature banners.
Email Signature Marketing Guide

A quick guide to email signature marketing

293 billion emails are sent every day. and you can use email signature marketing to make every one count.

In this guide, you'll learn all about how you can use signature banner campaigns to better market your business.

B2B Marketing

Posts on b2b-marketing

How to use email signatures for content distribution
Want to ensure that your content always reaches the people you need? It's time to start using email signatures for content distribution! Click for more.
Cognism uses Mailtastic to get 143,000+ impressions on new feature announcement
See how Cognism used Mailtastic to increase webinar signups, announce new features & generate leads.
How to use B2B email marketing to generate leads
B2B email marketing lead generation. Start sending emails that pull in a ton of new customers, using tactics such as prospecting, automation & more.
How to create a B2B email marketing strategy
Firing off emails to lead lists and hoping mud sticks? Think again. Here's how you create a B2B email marketing strategy that gets results.
5 killer B2B email marketing examples you should steal
See B2B email marketing examples from Top 10 LinkedIn UK start-up, Cognism, and take your outbound emails to the next level.
7 B2B email marketing best practices for 2023
Learn B2B email marketing best practices for 2023: #1 Snappy subject line, #2 Consistent tone, #3 Clean design/display, #4 Personalise & segment, #5 ...
Email signature banners drive 90% of traffic to Desoutter ecommerce portal
See how Desoutter used Mailtastic to take control of their brand and upsell to their existing customer base.
EP 5 - Marketing Rebels: Stop gating content, it doesn't work
Cognism Group CMO, Alice de Courcy, and Turtl Head of Marketing, Karla Rivershaw, discuss how hard gating content can lead to lots of low quality leads.

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