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Email Marketing

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How to maximize your marketing reach by leveraging email signatures
Discover why email remains a powerful marketing channel and how you can use email signatures to elevate your marketing campaigns.
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023_Resource card
Top 10 Email Signature Management Software for 2023
Find the best email signature management software. Reviews, comparison, pricing, and must-have features to look for when choosing a tool.
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How to run successful email marketing campaigns
What are email marketing campaigns? How do you execute a successful campaign? How do you measure success? This blog answers those questions and more!

Email Signature Marketing

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Drowning in mass advertising? Exclusive study & experts reveal why effective advertising thrives on personalized channels
Learn how to advertise effectively with 1-1 email banner campaigns: Interviews, checklists, examples and how marketers can stand out from mass advertising.
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Study insights: How email signatures can positively impact marketing
How do banners in email signatures affect recipients? We talk to Mate Juric from UX Lab Zadar about the results of the eye-tracking study.
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How TELE Haase manages their signatures and uses campaign banners - without any IT involvement
Read how TELE Haase reduces and simplifies the time required to manage email signatures and utilises signature banners as marketing space.
Email Signature Marketing Guide

A quick guide to email signature marketing

293 billion emails are sent every day. and you can use email signature marketing to make every one count.

In this guide, you'll learn all about how you can use signature banner campaigns to better market your business.

B2B Marketing

Posts on email-signature-marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature Marketing
Get the definitive email signature marketing 101, including FAQs, use cases and benefits.
The best email signature marketing platforms (in 2024)
Compare the best email signature marketing platforms on the market for every budget and use case. Including Sigstr, Opensense, Newoldstamp & more.
The proven method for calculating email signature marketing ROI
Email signature marketing is enabled by clickable CTAs or banners below an employee’s name and contact details. Calculate its marketing value/ROI here.
How to boost your sales with email signature marketing
Your sales department can benefit from corporate design compliant email signatures including eye-catching campaign banners. Every sales stage counts!
6 smart ways to use email signatures in marketing campaigns
Use email signatures to extend your marketing and strengthen your campaign with banners. We show you 6 suggestions on how to use signatures.
The first steps with email signature marketing
The email signature as a measurable marketing channel. Mailtastic helps you to use this high-performance channel quickly and easily.
Get the full marketing power from your employees‘ email signatures
Email is the most important communication channel in B2B. Email signatures equipped with banners have been established as an important marketing channel.
How to increase your sales with email signature marketing
Increase sales through email signature marketing: Support your Buyers Journey with signature banners. Especially suitable for B2B marketers.

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